Lester Tay – Inception of Atticus Solutions

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In this episode, Derek is joined by Lester Tay of Atticus Solutions. Join us as Derek deep dives and talks about Lester’s outsourcing service provider company and how it differs from others. We get to hear how he started his company with only one person, the difficulties, and how it has grown today.



  • Lester was educated overseas, educated in London, got a job in Australia and was then always inclined to come back to the Philippines to start a business.
  • Lester started Atticus Advisory Solutions in 2013.
  • Atticus Advisory Solutions do not have voice accounts, they focus on higher value services or IT specialization.
  • Lester’s company is very transparent with their clients.


Key Points:

  • Starting a BPO business requires a lot of patience and perseverance.
  • Take the plunge and allow your business to grow and prosper.
  • The key to a successful BPO is treating your staff very good to help achieve both of the employer and the employee’s goals.






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