Romulo Reyes – Bridging Gaps and Breaking Borders

Ep 114 Romulo Reyes

In this episode, Derek is joined by Romulo Reyes of Elite Global Sourcing for the third time Elite Global Sourcing is specifically a gaming BPO. Derek speaks more broadly on Romulo’s engagement in the tech community and outsourcing.



  • Romulo is the Managing Director of Elite Global Sourcing. He handles the business, operations, marketing and sales, B2B, B2C for the company.
  • He took up Development Communication at the University of the Philippines.
  • He shares that in terms of developing education, he strongly encourages everyone not just to go out and learn on their own but also look at the learning institutions and then learn from those people.
  • Romulo thinks that technology and the way that people work has advanced a certain degree wherein video conferencing is already bridging so many of those gaps. However, what’s really lacking right now is the soft touch, the human element.
  • He also thinks that the secret sauce in making all of these things work whether you’re in the same office or you’re a thousand miles away would really be the culture, mindset, and attitude.


Key Points

  • Through the internet, the world is becoming a smaller place and geographical borders are becoming less relevant.
  • There’s a huge opportunity in outsourcing but it’s not a magic bullet and it’s not all happy days. For instance, there are differences in the culture and expectations.
  • The most simple thing can have the biggest impact.
  • Clients come with a lot of question marks in their heads. If your company can come in with your own expertise and experience and try to provide solutions, not just for the business but for the entire business, then the value chain becomes much more stronger between your organizations.






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