Paul Magiatis – Scaling Up through Outsourcing

Ep 110 Paul Magiatis

In this podcast, Derek is joined by Paul Magiatis of East West Enterprises, an outsourcing firm that he set up in response to his business needs.  Listen to this podcast as Paul talks more broadly about his outsourcing establishment and provides his backstory.



  • Paul worked several small business property businesses which is how the outsourcing started, process driven jobs were outsourced for his property investment business.
  • At the moment, Paul has 95% of his staff in Cebu City.
  • According to Paul, you can be a very small fish in Australia and look like a very large fish in a very large pond very quickly by scaling up your staffing overseas.
  • His current business is unique as they have a lot of part-time employees who are working on an hourly rate. It’s a subscription, like a phone plan; that person is sitting there for you for X-amount of hours a day.
  • Paul talks broadly about what they do and what they offer to their clients.
  • He also shares the pricing structure of their business.


Key Points

  • You can make a mistake when you’re dealing in pesos but you can’t really make that mistake when you’re dealing in dollars.
  • Incredible office facilities and fantastic job offering, so, it’s very much win-win for the Philippines.





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