Derek Gallimore – The Birth of Outsource Accelerator

Ep 109 Derek Gallimore

In this podcast, Derek is interviewed by Henry Acosta of Outsourcing and Offshoring Philippines podcast.  Derek will walk us through how he started his company, Outsource Accelerator and his take on outsourcing in the Philippines.



  • Derek has 4 range of businesses over 20 years and he is an entrepreneur by heart.
  • He started outsourcing to the Philippines 7 years ago and he shared that was his ‘ahuh’ moments in terms of business.
  • Derek shares what Outsource Accelerator does for their clients.
  • He travels a lot so he is used to remote working, and remote teams. As a result of that, he really has the mindset of looking at and using the planet’s resources – the best employees, the best skills that he can find anywhere on the planet.
  • Derek calls the Philippines the “Switzerland of banking” for outsourcing.
  • Derek also talks about the disadvantages of outsourcing; Outsourcing is not a magic bullet and it does have its own issues.
  • According to Derek, it’s good to get a little bit of orientation first about outsourcing so that you can integrate outsourcing into your business.


Key Points

  • In outsourcing, the world is becoming one place and it is incredible how fast that’s changing.
  • The Philippines has a huge advantage over any other outsourcing nation, the key reasons for that is that they are culturally aligned with the Western Culture.
  • Technology is breaking down the relevance of geographical distance and it’s breaking down the relevance of borders.







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