Romulo Reyes – Business Opportunities in the Gaming Industry

Ep 102 Romulo Reyes

In this episode, Derek is joined by Romulo Reyes. He is the General Manager of Elite Global Sourcing which specializes in game developer outsourcing. Join us as Derek discusses  Romulo’s background, the gaming industry and the potential for the Philippines.



  • Romulo is the Managing Director of Global Sourcing.  He handles the business side of things – Operations, B2B, B2C and then he got started with Elite Global sourcing.
  • Way back his career, he joined E-games, Convergys, and Optive Technology.
  • His educational background is actually Journalism, in development communication. And he couldn’t have imagined working in the service and gaming industry.
  • Elite Global Sourcing handles developers creating games.And the publishers publish and sell the games.
  • According to Romulo, 10 years ago, the industry was mostly about RPG’s, online games using your PC consoles. However, since the last five years, mobile games have become really strong and the platform nearly overtook online PC games.
  • He shares that there are so many genres out there. To put it simply, it is just like food, there’s Asian, French, Continental and Filipino food.  People would either like to taste some of it, all of it or none of it. And this taste is also the same with games.
  • Romulo tackles and explains creating an application based on the workplace gamification.
  • When it comes to the tech aspect, in software development, there are other countries that are more competitive right now. However, in terms of getting full potential, Romulo is very confident that the Philippines exceeds these competing countries.
  • He also shares that there’s a reason why software developers are getting paid a lot of money is that no software developer would code the same way. Probably similar but not the same way. They each have their own way of doing things.
  • Hundreds and thousands of people around the world, from Europe, Asia, North America are coming back to the Philippines to distill all information into meaningful training, business opportunity to create the next unicorns in tech, specifically in the Philippines.


Key Points

  • Infrastructure and connectivity are growing leaps and bounds, and what the industry is trying to figure out is what the next great idea is.
  • Thousands of games are literally launched every couple of minutes globally.  Each of these companies wants to hit critical mass.
  • Game fundamentals can be applied to people’s daily lives in some ways.
  • When it comes to tech, the English language often takes the backseat and the language becomes what is commonly known to the tech industry as the software language.
  • All it really takes is for someone to have the experience and most importantly the guts to actually do it and the next big thing will come from the city.






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