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Home » Podcast » Business Coaching, Building Strong Processes & Offshoring – with Gene Bohensky of Archers Contact Solutions

Business Coaching, Building Strong Processes & Offshoring – with Gene Bohensky of Archers Contact Solutions

About Archers Contact Solutions

This week Derek talks to Gene Bohensky, the chief executive officer of Archers Contact Solutions.

During their 48-minute conversation, Derek and Gene delve into business coaching and its efficacy in addressing individual business requirements.

Additionally, their discussion encompasses the realm of Philippine outsourcing, highlighting the exceptional skills and work ethic demonstrated by Filipino professionals.

Gene Bohensky

Gene is a business coach based in New Jersey, where his outsourcing business evolved out of coaching. 

He caters to clients with various business interests and shares powerful tools and advice to help them build strong and efficient teams.

Gene started the business with “established businesses [with] revenues between one and $10 million, that have staff from five to 50 people.”

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Moreover, Archers Contact Solutions is an outsourcing firm that is taken from a different angle by offering specialized coaching services.

How coaching sparks outsourcing solutions

Gene shared that when he initially started his coaching franchise, one of the requirements was to hire an “outsourced telemarketing company to make calls [and] to set appointments.”

“I tried to figure out how to do it myself. And I came upon the concept of hiring some callers from the Philippines, and they did a fantastic job,” he tells Derek.

“Later on, [I] liked the idea of getting to know [Filipino callers].”

But he realized that even outsourced Filipino talents “needed help with their business challenges.” 

“I started to get to know [outsourced Filipino employees] and understand their talents. That’s how my business coaching practice grew,” Gene says. 

He believes “every business owner needs to have a coach, or a series of coaches that know how to help them at their stage in their business.”

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Gene Bohensky-Archers-Contact-Solutions-Outsource-Accelerator-podcast-qoute
How coaching sparks outsourcing solutions

Speaking of business outsourcing, the Archers Contact Solutions CEO has also done “general business coaching practice” with “contractors [and] accountants that work with [a] scientific training company that uses VAs for a number of different tasks.”

“We bring experience from different types of businesses together that can really help each other with that cross-pollination,” He added.

Philippines as the powerful offshore staffing tool

“I kept adding people, and people kept asking me to find good people in the Philippines,” Gene tells Derek.

There are people “looking to outsource their services overseas” but “afraid of some of the experiences they’ve had from dealing with outsourcing to some other countries.”

But for Gene, the Philippines does well in this aspect. This is based on his experience “dealing with the Filipinos [he’s] worked with.”

The Archers Contact Solutions CEO was impressed by “[the Filipinos’] ability to learn their communication skills.”

He added that “the culture is not very different” from the Philippines, “that you can get to know them very well, and really talk to them like [they’re] next door.”

The Archers Contact Solutions CEO also mentioned how “Filipinos are the number one users of social media.” Because of this characteristic, “they are aware of a lot of things,” yet they still want to learn more.

“Filipinos that I’ve worked with want to learn, want to work hard, want to do well at their jobs and do well for their clients,” Gene says.

“There’s a level of commitment that I see that I feel exemplary,” he added.

Philippines as the powerful offshore staffing tool
Philippines as the powerful offshore staffing tool

How good communication leads to client success

Gene delves into the importance of effective communication for successful outsourcing or business relationships.

“I have a number of people that come to me after having no luck outsourcing because they’ve outsourced to the wrong people, or they haven’t been able to communicate the requirements,” Gene tells Derek. 

There are also instances where “business owners fail [not only] with outsourcing, but also just working with their own employees is that inability to communicate properly,” he added.

And this is why for the Archers Contact Solutions CEO, “communication is key to make sure that [outsourcing] works properly,  what is required of [providers], and then to hold them accountable when they’re not doing the right things.”

Connect with Gene through his LinkedIn profile. To know more about Archers Contact Solutions, visit: https://archerscontactsolutions.com/ 

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