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Quality assurance manager


What is a quality assurance manager?

A quality assurance (QA) manager is a person responsible for ensuring that a product meets the highest standards in a production company. 

Alongside a team of specialists, a quality assurance manager performs an in-depth assessment of the product. This is to check whether it meets both internal and external requirements. 

Quality assurance managers have a keen eye for details. They can spot products with non-conformity issues in terms of quality and the right procedures. 

According to the research conducted by ZIPPIA, there were over 157,607 employed QA managers in the United States as of 2021.  

What is a quality assurance manager?

Importance of a quality assurance manager 

In essence, QA managers conduct quality assurance which is an essential factor in guaranteeing the quality and specifications of products and services. 

They do systematic and rigorous testing and sampling. They also create well-organized reports of potential issues before a product even becomes available in the market.  

It is essential for companies to hire QA managers as they help avoid possible crises. In turn, this helps companies save up millions of dollars from having to offer faulty products and inadequate services. 

QA managers are employed in various industries such as – manufacturing, wholesale trade, professional and scientific, and administrative services. 

Working with the quality assurance team 

The quality assurance manager works with several people including – a quality control manager, quality assurance analyst, quality assurance engineer, and quality assurance inspector. 

Quality assurance managers must be excellent communicators since they work closely with several departments. Aside from collaborating with the quality assurance team, they provide coaching when it is necessary. 

They also design and develop new ways to meet and satisfy the demands and expectations of customers. 

Quality assurance in BPO

In Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), quality assurance managers manage successful contact centers. 

QA managers play an important role in monitoring customer services in contact centers. They ensure the consistency of providing an excellent customer service experience. Thus, helping companies maintain and establish their reputation. 

What are the roles and responsibilities of a quality assurance manager?

Regardless of the type of industry, the following are the common roles and responsibilities of a quality assurance manager: 

Analyze business data  

Quality assurance managers possess skills in quantitative measurement. Part of their role is to review statistical data and provide thorough investigations to identify quality issues. 

Upon analyzing business data, QA managers will provide recommendations in processes to better improve the product and possibly eliminate the problems. 

Feedback from QA managers can be the key to solving issues with particular products. 

Develop quality control standards and policies

Quality assurance managers have a better grasp of the internal, external, and industry rules and regulations. 

They help prepare and update manuals and protocols that are in accordance with internationally recognized standards. Examples of these internationally recognized standards are SO 9000- Quality Management and Software quality assurance (SQA) which are applicable in software teams. 

Ensure quality of supplies

QA managers work closely with suppliers and other third parties to better develop quality standards for a particular product. They verify whether the materials delivered by the suppliers also adhere to the company’s quality standards. 

Lead team and conduct skills development training 

QA managers also conduct training to aid staff members with their QA control knowledge and skills. They supervise teams and make sure they are productive as they carry out detailed product assessments. QA managers may also implement programs to help further improve quality assurance testing.  

What are the roles and responsibilities of a quality assurance manager?

What skills does a quality assurance manager possess?

Quality assurance managers help the companies to succeed by ensuring that their products and services adhere to their goals and objectives. Their role requires the following:  

  • Technical skills
  • Mathematical skills
  • Research skills
  • Critical and analytical thinking 
  • Excellent communication skills 
  • Product management 

A quality assurance manager may sound like a simple role, but their functions require more than what they need to perform. They are responsible for – continuously developing the quality of products and services, making sure that they meet the company’s standards, and that all processes are efficient. These key functions help a business from avoiding costly mistakes. 

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