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Temic Automotive (Phils.), Inc.


About Temic Automotive (Phils.), Inc.

“Temic Automotive (Phils), Inc is the distributor and trader for the Continental Corporation. It is the Philippine wing of the Temic Automotive group of companies, a subsidiary of the Continental Corporation, dealing in the sale and distribution of rubberized products sold by the Continental Corporation, under the moniker of Continental Tyres. The company has its office in Taguig City, with a vast distribution network spread across the Philippine Archipelago.

As part of the Continental Corporation, Temic Automotive is a part of the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of rubberized goods such as tires and vehicle accessories. With over 220,000 employees under its roster in over 56 countries across the globe, the company is a global powerhouse in the automotive industry. The company has a hug line-up of products ranging from two wheeler solutions to marine solutions. Its portfolio includes two-wheeler accessories such as electronic control units and electronic brake units for motorcycles; transmission systems, hydraulic brake systems, actuators, remote sensing units for parking, visual display and connectivity systems and spare parts for cars, trucks and buses; sensors and transmission systems for agricultural and construction vehicles; and waterproof digital and analog display units for marine vehicles such as sailboats and cruise boats.

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