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About MontPac

MontPac is an accounting and financial management outsourcing provider to clients in the Philippines, Australia, Hong Kong and the US, particularly in North America and Hawaii. Their mission is to to further advance the success of their clients by supplying services that are available at the lowest possible cost that is in terms with the size and type of the company. Their vision is to become the global premier provider of highest quality and cost effective outsourced transaction processing, accounting, financial reporting and financial management services to the small-medium enterprise market, all delivered at the highest levels of client service. MontPac was founded on July 1, 2006 in Honolulu, Hawaii and is led by Henry C. Montgomery, a seasoned Fortune 500 senior financial executive who created a vision for outsourced accounting of small and mid-sized enterprises.

The services provided include implementation and documentation, transaction processing, reports as well as other reports including tax related ones from the United States and Philippines. Transaction processing also includes cash receipts processing, sales and accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory and cost accounting, fixed assets, prepayments and accruals, and payroll. Reports also include cash management, financial reporting & monthly package other services include forecast and budget preparation, assistance to auditors and tax accountants of clients, financial expertise and as an optional – QuickBooks hosting through MontPac.


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