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Team O.P.S.


About Team O.P.S.

“In today’s digital world, the better your online presence the more chances you have of getting more clients. Team O.P.S., established in 2004, is here to help make sure that you are able to give your clients the very best experience with your website and mobile app. Team O.P.S. will help you with a complete walk through of the website making process right from the first brainstorming session to the execution of the idea along with its technical support. The reason why Team O.P.S. was able to grow as a company is because they are not just any app development company they are equally as passionate about the clients company as the client themselves.

Services Provided

Team O.P.S. will take care of all the clients online needs and do everything web related. No matter what need arises Team O.P.S. is there to help you out and also provide support after the actual software is created.

• Mobile app development
• Mobile games
• Mobile sales brochure
• Creatives
• Web designing and development
• Augmented reality
• Virtual walkthrough
• Software development

All the client has to do is sit back relax and let Team O.P.S. handle everything.


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