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Jupiter Systems Incorporated


About Jupiter Systems Incorporated

“An IT company based in the Philippine Archipelago, Jupiter Systems Incorporated provides dedicated business solutions globally to small, medium and large scale companies globally. With a rich experience in delivering software and one of the most respected companies in the whole region, the company delivers ERP (enterprise Resource Planning) services to clients across the Asia Pacific region as well as in the mainland United States.

The company has created a unique ERP system, named ERIC, providing a state-of-the-art system for managing and maintaining various business verticals through a single point of contact. The ERIC module can handle financial planning, logistics and distribution networks, manufacturing processes and software applications used by personnel for clients across various strategic business units. In addition, Jupiter Systems Incorporated has developed custom-made services tailored for unique business requirements. Evolving at a rapid pace, the company provides cutting-edge solutions for businesses across various verticals.

Jupiter Systems has also acquired Hong Kong-based Oasis Information Systems Incorporated, as well as an exclusive tie-up with Oasis Hospitality Systems as a key distributor in the Philippine marketplace. A Microsoft Certified Partner, the company has steadily increased its footprint across the globe, with accreditations and awards honored by eServices, Philippines; International Data Corporation, and the People’s Republic of China.


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