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Courtesy Point Technologies Inc.


About Courtesy Point Technologies Inc.

“Courtesy Point Technologies, Inc. (CPTI) was founded in 2004 and focuses on offering IT services to the expanding leisure industry. This dynamic IT firm specializes in addressing the IT requirements of hotels, restaurants, clubs and entertainment centers. In other words, CPTI offers all kinds of software related solutions to the hospitality industry.

The key services offered by Courtesy Point Technologies include the following:

• IT Consulting

• Application Development

• System Integration

• Project Management

• Network Cabling

• Managed Services/IT Outsourcing

The company’s product offerings include the Infrasys Gourmate POS (point-of-sale) system that is used by numerous 5 stars hotels and global restaurant chains with high volume of transactions and complicated menus. Courtesy Point has several customers of the Infrasys system in the Philippines.

Another product offered by the company is the Infor FMS SunSystems, a financial management platform designed for the collection, analysis, management and reporting of financial information. A common requirement has led to over 2,200 hospitality firms implementing the Infor™ FMS SunSystems. The system is being used for improving visibility of financial data and for boosting profitability.

Some of the clients served by Courtesy Point Technologies include Berjaya (Makati), Harolds Hotel (Cebu) and Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila.


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