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Understanding the ins and outs of Business Process Outsourcing

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Numerous businesses around the world opt for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for the different functions of their company. Whether you are a startup, small-medium enterprise (SME), or large entrepreneur, expanding your business requires more than just budget and workforce. There are personal and operational matters to consider before taking the risk.

While business outsourcing can be a win-win situation for your company and your outsourcing partner, it is but necessary to understand what it’s all about and what it’s not.

When you outsource, you look for a third-party company to perform the non-core functions of your business for a significant period. Offshore outsourcing is commonly preferred when you send your work to an overseas country where the cost is lesser.

Outsourcing has become both a savior to many companies and a downfall to some. But when done with the right understanding, you will find it highly-beneficial for your growing business.


Cost advantages

The most visible reason for outsourcing is its cost advantages. But how can you cut your costs when outsourcing? You see, you no longer have to invest in infrastructure and technology, or employers’ fringe benefits; BPO companies will do that for you.

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Outsourcing can save a large portion of your investment. Outsourcing in the Philippines can save you 60% of your money because of its competitive salary rate of around $500 per month.

Increased efficiency and productivity

Outsourcing leads to productivity and efficiency. It would only take you the right BPO provider to provide specific-skilled services from globally competitive employers. With 97.5% literacy rate based on a national census, the Philippines give quality products to foreign companies. Thus, being named as the top outsourcing destination in the world, replacing India.

Moreover, outsourcing will give you access to latest technologies and resources, which will be offered by your business process outsourcing partner. As a result, it will increase the efficiency and quality of your production.

You can focus on core areas

Over the years, India and China had been famous for offshore outsourcing in manufacturing jobs. Today, with the access to technology and digital world, outsourcing does not limit to manufacturing functions only.

BPO has become a highly-strategic solution for business marketing, IT operations, HR administration, customer service jobs, and other operational functions. While the business process outsourcing industry provides you with these services, you can focus more on the core areas of your company that need more attention for expanding internationally.

Legal liabilities are reduced

You are free from any legal liabilities in business outsourcing because it is your BPO contractor who takes charge of it. Your BPO partner entirely shoulders any legal risk that comes with outsourcing.

Although BPO gives you reasonable advantages, you must also evaluate the disadvantages it carries.

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Security of the company

Business process outsourcing means exposing your company’s confidential information to third-party companies. Non-disclosure agreement should be put first and should be clear with your sub-contractors. It is difficult to maintain security when you allow BPO’s to access critical data.

Choosing trusted and quality providers – BPO companies, should be top on the list when outsourcing your business. Outsource Accelerator assists SME and large companies to find trusted BPO partners around the world.

Quality control

In outsourcing, your company’s quality control standards may differ from your business outsourcing third-party’s standards. Thus, it is necessary to evaluate and align standards for quality control between your company and the one you’re sub-contracting.

As the Philippines became the top destination for BPO, multiple outsourcing companies went beyond services like website design, content writing, keyword research, forum marketing, voice-over, and animated/explainer video creation. These services are digital marketing solutions; thus, making you global.

iPresence Digital Marketing, Inc. provides unique and excellent services for SME and large companies alike. It has become the top-of-mind provider for digital marketing as it constantly produces world-class services to clients. This company has been providing digital marketing solutions since 2001. They offer content writing, explainer videos, voice over, graphic design, website design, virtual assistance, transcription, forum marketing, and keyword research services. You will find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

The Source has provided all sorts of articles for guiding small businesses that plan to venture into outsourcing. It has also helped large scale businesses that have been in the industry for some time now.

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