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Most popular typing services that companies outsource

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Professional typing service providers equip themselves with the tools, software, and skills to deliver an error-free output within a reasonable time.

Most of the professional world spends their time typing away at their desks. Filling up forms, analyzing reports, preparing presentations, documentations, and many more. 

So instead of doing administrative tasks, they turn to typing service providers to ease their workload. This way they’ll be able to focus on their core functions without worrying about the backlogs.

What is a typing service?

A typing service is defined as the conversion of disjointed content into readable, electronic file versions such as PDF, MS Word, or print-ready documents.

Typing services vary from formatting documents and papers into compiled documents to writing up a report to back up information and statistical data. 

Both the educational and professional sectors use typing services—from formatting a thesis or dissertation to vamping up a resume. Service providers have their niche.

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What is a typing service
What is a typing service?

Typing services to outsource today

If you or your team wants to lighten your workload, consider offloading paperwork, files, and other administrative tasks onto someone else.

Be it to freelancers or a dedicated outsourced team, the time your team will save and get to redirect to working on core tasks will pay off in the long run.

Manuscript typing

Authors, editors, and publishing houses pore through dozens and dozens of manuscripts monthly. Many of them are too busy to work on a past output or backlog, especially if the changes are minuscule.

More often than not, edited manuscripts are already formatted according to the publisher’s requirements. But some manuscripts are fresh off the presses. 

Business and company-related papers

When drafting up a report for formal reasons, most people know it should be well-formatted, uniform, and free from distracting fonts, colors, and other unnecessary graphics.

Typists make sure that your business files are written and distributed in the correct format and are error-free. When partnering up with them, make sure that you have a guideline in mind so they can base their output on what you’re looking for.

Reports and compilations

If a report is out of your wheelhouse, it will be hard to come up with facts and figures to back up the data you have.

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It’s better to team up with an experienced typist to ensure that your reports and write-ups are accurate, free from mistakes, and formatted correctly.

Academic workloads

From thesis to research papers, universities and schools have varying formats and citation guidelines that every student must follow. On top of this, some papers follow a rigorous timeline of submission.

Every student knows deadlines are sacred when it comes to academic workloads. Typing service providers assist students to complete their requirements ahead of time.

Typing services to outsource today
Typing services to outsource today

Outsourcing typing services to third parties

Here’s a quick refresher on what outsourcing means from The Balance: “outsourcing is when a company hires an outside contractor to do what an employee could. The outside contractor could be overseas, or it could be someone who lives just down the street.”

Outsourcing typing services is a cost-effective way to reduce non-core company workloads. It’s always better to save time and effort for more substantial matters for your company.

Outsourcing to freelancers

Freelancers or independent contractors operate on their own. They have no agencies or any firms that back them up. 

These people enjoy the benefits of working the 9-to-5 scheme without actually rending 8 hours of work. Clients pay them on a per-project or per hour basis.

Employers, especially from smaller companies, love working with freelancers. Businesses don’t need to declare them as salaried workers, therefore, freelancers need to pay their taxes, insurance, and other deductibles on their own.

Freelancers don’t take up office space either. They work from the comforts of their homes, telecommuting with their clients from their home office.

How much do freelancers charge for a typing service?

The rate will entirely depend on the freelancers. Some of them have a flat rate for their services, some may charge per word or page, and some might even charge per hour. 

As a general rule of the thumb, rates cannot go lower than the prescribed minimum wage, $3-5 per hour.

That being said, when drafting up a contract with a freelancer, make sure that the payment scheme is well-written and documented. Most, if not all, freelancers ask for a contract before working with their clients.

To agencies

If your company is handling hundreds of paperwork, you would need to hire a dedicated department to handle the workload.

This is where outsourcing agencies come in.

Partnering up with these firms, you’d get a dedicated team of professionals all eager to help you with your business processes. These employees work for you but they’re the outsourcing firm’s responsibility. Depending on how the contract is drafted, you’d only pay for the active, billable seats.

In conclusion, typing services are an important part of any industry. These service providers work hard to assist individuals and businesses. They lighten your workload and help you achieve your full potential in the long run.

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