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Top outbound call centers: 2024 Services & solutions

Outsourcing is the leading sector in the global market industry. Organizations of all types and sizes worldwide have become an essential part of their business strategies as it aids in their overall progression.

In the US alone, companies farm out over 300,000 job functions for the sole purpose of cost reduction. A considerable portion of the outsourcing practice globally is perhaps in the call center sector.

In previous years, call centers have been very controversial for various businesses. Frustrated and angry callers would usually wait in long queues for a long time.

In worse cases, they end up not resolving issues or getting answers to their questions.

A lot of these organizations lack proper management, skills, workforce, and resources. These reasons urged companies to outsource to top outbound call center companies, as well as inbound call centers outsourcing companies.

The global call center outsourcing industry

Call centers are essential to an organization, especially to customer-facing businesses. It serves as a medium for companies to directly engage and interact with their customers effectively.

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Excellent customer experience is the primary goal in call center functions. Companies can maintain and nurture a good relationship with their customer base through call centers.

Thus, every entrepreneur knows well enough that they can’t earn profit without customers. Without proper revenue, their business will eventually nosedive.

While call centers are vital to every business, setting them up is not easy. Establishing an entire call center infrastructure alone needs enough budget, planning, and time. Not to mention, a good volume of call center agents is required to make it fully functional.

Fortunately, more organizations have recognized the wonders of outsourcing call centers. This outsourcing sector has been steadily growing throughout the years.

According to recent research statistics, the global call center outsourcing market can reach over $27.64 billion. It is also estimated to have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.8% for 2022-2027.

Inbound and outbound call center: A quick comparison

Generally speaking, call centers are either inbound or outbound call centers. While these two classifications involve voice calls, they both have their significant differences:

Inbound call center 

An inbound call center is when the call center agents receive incoming calls from the customers. Customers commonly phone in for customer service. Specifically for technical support, appointment setting, order processing, and inquiries.

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Outbound call center

An outbound call center is when agents perform outgoing calls to target leads or existing customers and clients. Outbound calls can be for telemarketing, telesales, market research, survey outreach, post-sales follow-up, and more.

Leading inbound and outbound offshore call center destinations

Thriving companies can save more on their overall costs while tapping into global talents through offshoring. Over the past few years, the Philippines and India are two powerhouses in offshoring as a whole.

And as for offshoring call centers, below we have outlined three of the leading countries where most foreign companies delegate this job function:


The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry in the Philippines started with call center outsourcing. Even to this day, call centers consist a vast portion of the outsourcing services in the country.

As a developing country, foreign companies can massively save on costs as they offshore their inbound and outbound call centers in the region. Moreover, the Philippines has a very high literacy rate, and a big part of the Filipino population is proficient in speaking the English language.

Western culture also heavily influences the country, making it easier for locals to converse and understand westerners. Filipinos also have neutral accents, which is advantageous as they can learn and adapt to different accents faster.


India has flexible government outsourcing policies making it favorable for foreign organizations to offshore their inbound and outbound call centers. The country also has well-skilled English-speaking workers and exceptional communication networks.

Similar to the Philippines, India also has a relatively cheaper wage rate than foreign companies keeping their call centers in-house. Apart from call centers, India also has been famous for IT-related BPO services.

South Africa

South Africa has ranked 20th in Tholons Top Digital Nations of 2021. The BPO sector is among the leading emerging markets in the country. Thus, it’s dubbed as the third largest BPO hub globally, together with India and the Philippines.

Over the recent years, South Africa has received recognitions and prestigious awards annually. These possess high-quality talents, excellent language skills, and emotional intelligence in customer service and support.

The South African government also has remained very supportive of the outsourcing industry in the country. Its government has invested more funds and resources in developing the skills of the call center labor force and in improving its operations.

Top 15 offshore outbound call center providers

For companies that are looking to contract out their outbound call center, we have listed out fifteen of the top outbound call center providers globally: 

1. Teleperformance

Teleperformance is one of the best outbound call centers that help organizations scale their customer experience by making every interaction faster, more straightforward, and cost-effective.

Through its 40 years of industry experience, this multinational BPO company has been working with over 170+ countries across the globe.

Besides call center roles, Teleperformance also offers BPO services related to back-office and digital transformation functions.

2. Teletech

Teletech is one of the most established and among the first BPO companies ever founded. Apart from customer services, this renowned outsourcing company also provides an array of outsourcing services to all types of firms.

Teletech has its physical locations in the Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe, Africa, and the US and with 18,000 delivery centers in the Philippines.

3. Sitel

Sitel is the leading global expert in terms of Customer Experience (CX) management. Part of its mission statement is that – “Organizations can build more robust brand engagement and drive business growth by unlocking the power of CX.

Sitel works with businesses in the retail, technology, government, manufacturing, and healthcare industry.

4. Sykes

Sykes is an American multinational BPO firm that provides call center solutions tailored to their client’s requirements. Since its inception in 1977, Sykes has stationed different offices in over 66 locations and 23 countries.

With a workforce with more than 160,000 people working around the globe, its team works to connect our best-loved brands with their customers providing outbound call center services in over 50 languages.

5. Sutherland Global Services

Aside from call center functions, Sutherland Global Services also offers general outsourcing services. Its featured services include market intelligence and research, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), transformation engineering, insight & design, and content services.

Further, Sutherland Global Services also prides itself on having over 35 years of contact center experience.


TELUS is a Candian BPO company founded in the year 1990. What started as a small company with only 50 staff now employs more than 12,000 outsourcing workforce worldwide. TELUS provides inbound & outbound call center solutions, IT support, and back-office services.

7. TasksUs

TasksUs is another global leader as a customer service provider. As an international BPO company, TaskUs is present in Taiwan, India, Europe, the US, Columbia, Mexico, and the Philippines.

Besides its call center solutions, TasksUs also offer consulting, content security, and AI operations services.

8. Alorica

Alorica also has a plethora of outsourcing roles for any business. Its featured offerings are customer experience management, financial solutions, and analytics and digital solutions.

Alorica caters to healthcare, retail and e-commerce, travel and hospitality, media and entertainment, energy and utilities, technology, and the public sector.

9. IBEX Global

IBEX Global specializes in customer services management like customer support, sales, billing, retention, and technical support.

This international BPO services provider also offers call center services in different languages such as Filipino, Hindi, German, Arabic, Korean, English, and more.

10. Transcom 

Transcom is a global customer experience specialist that aids different organizations of all types and sizes. At present, it employs 28,000 customer experience specialists scattered across its 50 contact centers in 23 countries worldwide.

11. Accenture

Accenture is an Irish multinational BPO company founded in 1989. Throughout the years, Accenture has established itself in over 200 cities all around the world. Its featured services are data and analytics, customer experience, technology consulting, business process outsourcing, and artificial intelligence.

12. Helpware

Helpware’s services focus on customer service, back-office support, marketing, and microtasking platforms. Some of its well-known clients include Zendesk, Universal, PureCars, and Jam City. Since its founding in 2015, Helware has already worked with over 150 happy and satisfied clients.

13. Support Services Group

SSG provides a top-of-the-line customer service experience. It has also expanded its global presence in Malaysia, the US, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Panama, the Philippines, and Hungary.

14. World Wide Call Centers Inc

WCC claims to be an industry leader in terms of call center outsourcing. Among its call center services are inbound and outbound calls, live chat, and back-office support. The company is present in the US, South Africa, Africa, Middle East, Canada, Latin America, Europe, and the Philippines.

15. Hinduja Global Solutions 

Aside from providing excellent customer service, Hinduja Global Solutions also has comprehensive options for outsourcing services. This BPO service company aids different businesses related to Automotive, Healthcare, Banking & Finance, Insurance, and more.

How offshoring outbound call centers benefit foreign organizations 

There are plenty of advantages in outsourcing outbound call center functions compared to maintaining it in-house. Aside from being able to leverage an organization’s full potential, here are some of the other great benefits of offshoring outbound call center:

Global talents

Outsourcing clients can tap into global talents. In many cases, companies usually outsource due to the lack of enough workforce or skill gaps. Through offshoring, these companies can fill in what they lack effectively.

24/7 availability

Offshoring to other countries comes with the reality of having different time zones. However, this isn’t necessarily a downside to offshoring.

In fact, through these time zone differences, organizations can operate their outbound call centers over extended hours. Sometimes, foreign companies can perform their call center functions for 24 hours.

Access to the latest technologies

Outsourcing companies also ensure they utilize the latest technologies in their offered services. It means that businesses that outsource have access to cut above tools and technologies.

Beyond these great perks and the wide selection of the top outbound call centers, it is vital to know that outsourcing may not apply to all. Further, organizations also have to consider important factors like their budget or types of requirements before making a decision.

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