Technical support outsourcing: Its pros and cons

Technical support is an important part of any business. As your company’s operations expand and the more clients you acquire, there are more technical issues that you need to deal with.

Maintaining an in-house technical support staff can be costly, especially for a small organization, and could be hard to manage. Fortunately, it is now easy to look for a company that offers their technical support outsourcing services to help your team.

Technical support outsourcing definition

Technical support is a service provided by businesses to their customers who have technology or software issues. In technical support outsourcing, you hire a third-party service provider that would handle your company’s technical support.

Aside from that, an outsourced tech support team can help you answer customer questions and troubleshoot issues that are related to your brand’s offerings. 

Recently, technical support outsourcing has seen significant growth in various industries because it enables companies to tap into highly skilled tech agents in countries with favorable salary brackets. 

Partnering with an outsourced staff helps you focus on essential tasks that are geared towards the growth of your business — such as creating new offerings and improving your sales functions.

Technical support outsourcing definition

Advantages of outsourcing your technical support

There are many benefits if you decide to outsource your technical support. These various benefits can help different businesses from any industry.

Here are some advantages of technical support outsourcing:

Reduced costs

By outsourcing your technical support, you could reduce your operational and labor costs. Partnering with an outsourcing firm in a country with a cheaper cost of living means you can give your clients expert support at a fraction of the cost. 

Additionally, an outsourcing agency can take over the task of hiring and training support agents,  allowing you to focus on other business processes. You also do not have to pay for electricity, internet, or office space rental for your tech agents.


The volume of customer queries that you receive is never the same. There will be days when you have to handle more requests than your normal workload and times when you have idle agents as barely any requests are coming in.

Technical support outsourcing helps you scale your business up or down quickly. It saves your company the hassle of hiring support employees when overwhelmed with work and letting them go when there are not as many support calls coming in. 

Round-the-clock support

Keeping your technical support team in-house could usually mean only servicing one timezone. By outsourcing your tech support services, you can give your clients round-the-clock access to your help desk


This way, your tech staff can either work in rotating shifts or they can work across different time zones to provide an excellent customer experience no matter their location.

Advantages of outsourcing your technical support

Disadvantages of technical support outsourcing

While outsourcing your technical services comes with several advantages, it also has its downsides. 

Here are some disadvantages that you could face when outsourcing your tech support.

Quality control 

When you outsource, you only have a limited scope of control towards the quality of technical support provided. Your ability to keep an eye on the quality of support will be restricted.

It is easy to monitor an in-house tech team’s way of handling and resolving each customer query. However, you can’t track your outsourced team regularly because you will not be with them in person.

Less direct feedback from clients

Having an outsourced technical support team means that you can’t get direct feedback from your clients. Comments from customers have to go through several people before it reaches you, so potentially important information can be missed.

Introducing SixEleven’s professional technical support

Having the right outsourcing partner for your support services can ensure success in your business. SixEleven can give you an excellent technical support team that is skilled in handling technical issues and customer care.

WIth SixEleven’s focused flexibility, industry expertise, and quality excellence, they can ensure an outsourced team that has an optimum dedication and focus for a quality service.

If you are committed to the growth of your business then contact SixEleven now and let them help you with your technical needs.

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