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Home » Articles » Unleashing the power of storytelling: The role of a storyboard artist

Unleashing the power of storytelling: The role of a storyboard artist

Unleashing the power of storytelling The role of a storyboard artist

As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

The best visual content, whether in movies, TV, or advertisements, comes from a single sketch. Storyboards guide production teams throughout the process, initially visualizing how the videos will come together with each shot.

A storyboard artist is vital in bringing these narratives to life. Their keen eye for detail, creative vision, and technical expertise make them indispensable in various industries.

Sourcefit takes you to the world of storyboard artists and their essence for successful visual storytelling.

Understanding the role of a storyboard artist

Storyboard artists are responsible for translating a script or concept into panels that outline the progression of scenes. They draw the director’s vision in a series of frames and plan out its continuity to form the basis of the flow and animation of a video.

Through their artistry, storyboard artists capture the essence of a story, laying the foundation for the entire production process.

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Understanding the role of a storyboard artist
Understanding the role of a storyboard artist

Industries where storyboard artists work

Storyboard artists find opportunities across a wide range of industries requiring creative outputs. Some of the prominent ones include the following:

  • Film and television. Storyboard artists are crucial in pre-production in film and television. They collaborate with cinematographers to visualize a scene’s shots, camera angles, and overall composition.
  • Animation. Animation studios heavily rely on storyboard artists to bring characters to life. They help design the animation flow, emphasizing the key actions and expressions.
  • Advertising. Storyboard artists play a part in forming video advertisements. Given the time constraints, they break down commercials by shot and strategize how they can deliver the brand’s message.
  • Gaming. Storyboard artists contribute to the development of video games by creating story-driven sequences, cinematic cutscenes, and character interactions.

Responsibilities of a storyboard artist

Storyboard artists have diverse responsibilities to ensure the visual storytelling process remains seamless and impactful. 

Here are five key responsibilities they undertake:

Visualizing the script

A storyboard artist carefully studies the script and collaborates with the director to develop a visual representation of the story.

They create rough sketches that depict each scene, determining the composition, camera angles, and character positioning.

Establishing the narrative flow

A vital aspect of a storyboard artist’s role is establishing a smooth and coherent narrative flow. They consider pacing, transitions, and the story’s emotional arc to ensure the visuals align with the campaign’s intended message.

Creating dynamic shot sequences

Storyboard artists excel in creating dynamic shot sequences that heighten a story’s visual appeal and impact.

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They strategically choose camera angles, close-ups, and wide shots to enhance the storytelling and evoke specific emotions. In animation, their storyboards guide animators on how the scenes should play out before the actual animating process.

Collaborating with the production team

Storyboard artists work closely with various production team members, such as directors, cinematographers, art directors, and animators.

They actively participate in discussions and incorporate feedback to refine the visual narrative.

Enhancing visual communication

Storyboard artists possess excellent communication skills and a deep understanding of visual storytelling. They effectively convey their ideas and concepts through their illustrations, allowing the entire production team to visualize the final product accurately.

Why hire a storyboard artist?

The expertise of a storyboard artist brings immense value to any visual project. Here are some compelling reasons to consider hiring a storyboard artist:

Enhanced visualization

Storyboard artists have a unique ability to visualize the narrative and translate it into compelling visuals. Their expertise adds depth, clarity, and impact to the storytelling process.

Creative problem-solving

Storyboard artists show their problem-solving skills when faced with creative challenges or changes in project requirements.

They contribute to the smooth execution of the production through critical thinking. Their ability to make quick adjustments ensures that the final product aligns with the desired creative vision.

Improved audience engagement

A well-crafted storyboard lays the foundation for a captivating and emotionally resonant story. Through composition, framing, and sequencing, storyboard artists guide the audience through a visual journey that elicits emotions and captures their attention.

This engagement is crucial in delivering the intended message effectively.

Why hire a storyboard artist

Hiring a storyboard artist offshore

According to Glassdoor, an average storyboard artist in the US earns at least US$72,000 annually. Companies that do not have enough budget and resources to employ in-house turn to outsourcing providers as a strategic move. 

Outsourcing animation and storyboarding provides a cost-effective solution without compromising on talent and creativity. Collaborating with artists from different locations brings fresh perspectives and cultural diversity to storytelling.

Companies can tap into a wider talent pool, selecting artists whose style and expertise align with their project’s requirements.

Sourcefit, a leading provider of offshore creative, back office, and marketing solutions, offer high-quality storyboard artists at a fraction of hiring their local counterparts.

Through their agency Outboardz, they can help clients find the best talent in the Philippines for their advertising and entertainment projects.

Visit their website to learn more about their offers and get started.

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