Hiring a social media virtual assistant

Hiring a social media virtual assistant

If you ask any business owner about their day-to-day activities, they’ll probably tell you that social media tops their to-do list or is right near the top. Social platforms allow you to market your products, interact with customers, and get their feedback. 

However, social media can turn out to be a timewaster for a serious business owner as the tasks can quickly pile up. That isn’t to say that you should ditch social media. Rather, you should hire a social media virtual assistant to help you manage your social media as you focus your efforts on where they have a more significant impact.

What is a social media virtual assistant?

A social media virtual assistant is everything a social media manager is, except that they work remotely. They train to manage multiple digital channels while at the same time market and sell your brand online.

Responsibilities of a virtual assistant for social media

Time and money are finite business resources, so it’s important to apportion them accordingly. Social media VAs work on time-intensive social media tasks, giving you ample room to focus on core business activities. They might also earn much less than their full-time counterparts who work from the office. The following are some examples of social media virtual assistant duties.

Content research and creation

Creating content is probably the most common task of a social media virtual assistant, as it is one of their primary responsibilities. The social media virtual manager posts images and infographics, accompanying them with appealing text to lure clients into reading about or buying your products. 

Admittedly, coming up with content ideas is no walk in the park, and that’s why you need a specialist to do this work for you.


Updating social media profiles

A social media assistant consistently creates and uploads content for your target audience to consume. Having been trained in social media tools and analytics, they know best when to upload or update the social media posts. One easy way to do this is by creating a content calendar, which they’ll handle for you.

Growing your online presence

Another reason to hire a social media virtual assistant is to set and organize a professional social media presence. They know who to target and how things work. These individuals create authoritative pages that can leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Tracking metrics

Social media metrics help measure the success of a campaign and the performance of your social strategy. A virtual assistant for social media may help you track social media metrics, such as followers, likes, and engagement. Ultimately, the VA creates weekly and monthly reports, and this can help you learn where you need to invest.

Responsibilities of a virtual assistant for social media
Responsibilities of a virtual assistant for social media

Things to consider when hiring a social media VA

You can hire social media VAs individually or through an agency. Nevertheless, you should consider the following tips if you want to get a good manager for your social platforms.

Ability to manage multiple channels

Your potential social media manager must be able to work with different social platforms concurrently. It’s no brainer that your clients and potential customers use various social platforms. All said and done, the VA should possess good multi-tasking skills and be familiar with tools that enable them to post content and interact with followers.


Your social media manager working from a remote area doesn’t eliminate the need for constant communication and teamwork. 

The social media VA candidate must display exquisite collaboration skills from the first day you meet to the day you hire them to when they’re working for you. Having experience with tools such as Slack is an indication that the candidate has proficient collaboration skills.


Copywriting skills

A social media virtual assistant should have good writing skills to convey your message. A VA helps maintain your company’s face by creating engaging and informative content free of grammatical and punctuation errors. The art of being succinct is vital here; your VA must write content in a short space but ensure that it’s convincing enough to attract attention.

Things to consider when hiring a social media VA
Things to consider when hiring a social media VA

Analytical mind

Your virtual assistant for social media should have an analytical mind to collect and use relevant data to improve clients’ interactions. 

A social media manager has to do more than just update your social media posts. The VA must also use appropriate digital tools and strategies to increase your social media presence. Ultimately, it’s a great sign if your social media manager has experience in a range of analytical tools.

Quick learner and creative

With the rapid development and adoption of new technologies affecting most digital platforms, your social media virtual assistant must demonstrate the ability to learn quickly and try new tactics. 

Above all, they should be creative in writing and post content that provides unique insights about your products and keeps followers glued to your social media platforms.

With all that’s said and done, the time is ripe for you to hand over your business’ social platforms to an outsourced social media virtual assistant and focus on more important business responsibilities. Trusted staffing providers like MVP Asia Pacific can connect you with the most suitable social media VA for your business.

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