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Top 10 tips for an effective social media strategy

Social media marketing can be a grueling task. Fortunately, you can make use of the many social media management tools available online to pull off your social media strategy successfully.

Utilizing social media management [1] tools for your marketing campaigns significantly reduces the tendency to micromanage your brand’s social media profile. This allows you to invest your time and efforts in other marketing aspects.

For instance, following a well-planned publishing schedule using a social media planner enables you to keep up with creating day-to-day organic and engaging content without losing sight of your brand’s overall social media strategy.

Top 10 tips for an effective social media strategy

How to plan a social media strategy that works

Having access to social media management tools is like owning a car. It’s not enough that you have one for you to get anywhere–you also have to know how to use it correctly.

While there is no one way to achieve success when using management tools in implementing your social media content strategy, there are key tips that you should know to help you along the way.

1. Know your current status

It goes without saying that you can’t start your social media campaign without knowing where you stand.

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Knowing where you currently are in your campaign will help you identify what you’ve already accomplished and what else you need to do.

2. Know your objectives

Once you’ve identified your campaign’s current status, you’ll be ready to set objectives or milestones that’ll help propel you toward your ultimate goal.

Laying out your objectives will help you better visualize the social media content strategy that best works for your brand. 

How to plan a social media strategy that works

3. Know your target audience

Not knowing your target audience is tantamount to setting yourself up for failure. After all, you should be tailoring your content specifically for your audience’s engagement.

Knowing your audience will help you create content that will resonate with them and increase engagement.

4. Know your competition

This is as important as knowing your audience. Studying your competitors will help you better strategize against them.

Once you’ve identified competing brands, you can use metrics to see how well they perform compared to you and assess how you can improve your content marketing campaign using this comparative analysis.

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5. Know the right platforms to use

Each social media platform has advantages and disadvantages. However, in choosing the platform to use for your brand, you should consider which is most used by your intended audience.

Once you’ve identified the best platforms to reach your prospects, you can start formulating a strategy that will work on each specific platform.

How to plan a social media strategy that works

6. Know the right approach for every platform

One size does not fit all in social media marketing. What works on Facebook may not work on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Different platforms often have varying allowed content formats, such as Twitter’s 280-character limit in tweets.

Aside from content formatting, you should also keep in mind that user receptiveness to certain content varies per platform.

7. Know what to delegate and to whom

You shouldn’t be doing everything on your own. Having a motivated social media team allows you to delegate tasks according to each member’s skill set.

Delegating tasks decreases the time spent on marketing campaigns and gives you more time to focus on other projects.

Moreover, task delegation leads to better output as you give each team member tasks according to their strengths.

8. Know the right management tools to use

Finding the right management tools that work for you will help make your marketing campaign as smooth as possible.

From social media planners to automation tools, more than a hundred social media management tools for various purposes are available online. It is up to you to decide which tool you think would make your social media strategy easier to implement.

9. Know how to organize your content

This ties up with finding the proper social media management tools. You need to utilize the management tools to organize your content for maximum effectiveness.

Content organization makes for a more efficient social media strategy and is not limited to knowing what is filed by whom and when. It also includes knowing the most optimal times to publish for which audience and platform.

It’s worth noting that you can also use management tools for more effortless content organization.

How to plan a social media strategy that works

10. Know how to amplify your reach

Finally, being aware of the previous points mentioned above will amount to nothing if you fail to have a decent, if not excellent, audience reach.

There are different ways to improve your reach on social media platforms, such as investing in paid campaigns, collaborating with influencers, targeting individuals already familiar with your brand, etc.

Why a sound social media strategy is essential for your brand

Using social media platforms to advertise your brand is not as easy as it sounds. The fast-paced and constantly changing environment is often hard to keep up with, even when working as a team.

That’s why it’s imperative that you utilize social media planners and management tools if you wish to pursue advertising on social network platforms. Without resorting to these indispensable tools, you’ll likely get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work needed to ensure a successful social media strategy.


1. social media management: hatchjt (n.d.). Different Platforms, Different Audiences. [online] KSJ Handbook. Available at: https://ksjhandbook.org/social-media-reader-engagement/different-platforms-different-audiences/.

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