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8 best regression testing tools to use in 2024

software developer testing how the application he created is working on smartwatch and smartphone

List of regression tools

  1. Katalon Studio
  2. testRigor
  3. Sahi Pro
  4. Testsigma
  5. Watir
  6. IBM Rational Functional Tester
  7. Appsurify TestBrain
  8. Selenium

Regression testing is an important part of the software development cycle. Without proper regression testing, your software may never reach its target audience.

However, it can be a long and time-consuming process that uses up a lot of resources, especially for software and apps that are more complex than others.

A good regression testing tool can help automate and streamline software development and save you a lot of time, eventually allowing you to release your software sooner.

This article lists ten popular regression testing tools to include in your software development arsenal.

What is regression testing?

Regression testing is the process of evaluating your software after changes are made to ensure it still works as intended.

serioud female programmer writing a code for testing computer software
What is regression testing?

For example, if your software development team notices a bug or error in their software, they must make the necessary adjustments. However, after making these changes, another issue appears, and your software is back to being unusable.

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Regression means your software or application returns to a non-functional state after applying changes. Regression testing helps your team spot old and new bugs and moves development forward instead of backward.

Why is regression testing important?

Regression testing is a vital phase in the development process. It ensures that no new changes, adjustments, or updates have any negative effect on the software. In other words, the software should remain as operational as it was before the changes were made.

Additionally, this process allows the development team to check for bugs early and maintain software quality and integrity.

Without regression testing, developers run the risk of accidentally damaging their software or rendering it unusable. This means it would take longer to fix and, therefore, longer to release.

Engineer Testing Sound System
Why is regression testing important?

Top 8 regression testing tools in 2024

Given how wide the software development landscape is, there are so many different tools for regression testing. This list goes through the best eight on the market.

1. Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is an easy-to-use tool complete with automation testing properties. Its low-code and lightweight design makes it ideal for beginners while still packing a punch in terms of capabilities.

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This tool handles regression testing and everything before and after it, making it the perfect choice for the entire testing process.

Furthermore, Katalon provides an integrated development environment that allows for easy coding, execution, and script writing. 

Some of its standout features include its self-healing tests, which conveniently detect changes and solve the problem for you. Its built-in debugger spots errors in coding and debugs them quickly and efficiently.

2. testRigor

It is difficult to imagine the software development process without any coding. However, testRigor makes that happen with their “No Code” approach.

testRigor provides speedy, end-to-end automation and regression testing. This tool allows developers to get started within minutes and reduces the workload on your QA team.

Your team can find and solve issues quickly, thanks to testRigor’s Find and Replace functions. testRigor’s emphasis on speed and efficiency allows teams to save time on tedious tasks and refocus on more important matters.

3. Sahi Pro

If you are looking for a beginner-friendly tool to handle large web applications, look no further than Sahi Pro. This is a lightweight, spreadsheet-like tool that requires less effort on your part.

Sahi Prop allows users to record interactions, which would later be accessed for future reference. This allows the team to add more value and make data-driven decisions.

The user-friendly interface makes it easy for non-software developers to use, making it an all-around choice for analysts and stakeholders.

Throughout the testing process, Sahi Pro allows you to give an in-depth report, which summarizes the results of the test laid out in clean graphical representations.

4. Testsigma

With Testsigma, regression testing, as well as any other kind of testing, can be accomplished quickly, thanks to its easy accessibility and integration with web, mobile, and desktop devices.

Every type of test, including data-driven testing, mobile testing, and cross-browser testing, can be automated.

Manual or automatic testers from different backgrounds can easily understand tests. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, Testsigma is the go-to tool for conducting speedy regression testing.

With its detailed reporting, built-in integrations, and user-friendly interface, developers can save time and costs while achieving extensive and accurate results.

5. Watir

Web Application Testing In Ruby, or simply Watir, is an open-source tool that gives your team an entire library for automating test cases.

Watir is the best option for Ruby programmers. However, you can also use its Python implementation, Nerodia.

This simple and lightweight testing tool is designed for web apps. Its flexibility allows you to integrate with any third-party tool that can assist with identifying failures and managing broken tests.

6. IBM Rational Functional Tester

IBM is one of the biggest technology companies in the world, so it is no surprise that it has its own regression testing tool.

This web automation tool has a wide range of programming languages, such as Java, .Net, and C++. Not only does it handle regression testing but also GUI testing and data-driven testing.

Changes can easily be tracked, thanks to its ScriptAssure technology, which monitors interface changes in real-time and cuts down on maintenance overheads.

Naturally, this tool can easily be integrated with other IBM applications, which is helpful in keeping all processes in one centralized tool. 

7. Appsurify TestBrain

Appsurify TestBrain allows developers and QA engineers to conduct multiple tests with the help of artificial intelligence.

The integration of AI helps increase efficiency by running only the tests affected by recent code changes. This plug-and-play tool gives you automated regression testing results immediately and eliminates flaky tests.

Because of this, your software team saves a huge amount of time. There is no more need to delay processes due to time constraints or long execution times. 

8. Selenium

Selenium may be one of the older tools on this list, but it still delivers powerful regression testing capabilities.

Its automation methods are easy to use and execute on multiple browsers. Additionally, this is a scripted testing tool that supports many programming languages, like C++, Ruby, Java, and Python.

Apart from regression testing, this tool supports other testing types, such as UI testing and sanity testing. This open-source tool allows easy integration with HTML elements, so you can easily customize tests as you wish. 

How to choose the best regression testing tools

There are so many different regression testing tools to choose from, given how advanced the technology industry is. 

To help you narrow down the best choices, consider the following criteria:

  • Features – Find a tool that has all the features you need for your software development process. This may include playback features or additional testing support.
  • User interface – An easy-to-understand interface saves time, and your team will be more inclined to use the software.
  • Usability – Find software that allows you to conduct and analyze tests thoroughly and easily and obtain accurate results. Any difficult-to-use software will only result in wasted time and resources.
  • Integrations – Compatibility with other tools and software helps speed up the process and makes things easier and more efficient for the team.
  • Pricing – While some options offer free plans, these often come with limitations. Assess your budget and choose a tool with the most cost-effective plan.
team of app developers testing the bugs of the new app while testing usability with different operation system gadgets
How to choose the best regression testing tools

Selecting the right regression testing tool is paramount for ensuring the reliability and stability of your software throughout its development lifecycle. 

The top eight regression tools discussed here offer a diverse range of features, catering to various needs and preferences within the software development community.

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