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Frequently asked questions involving paralegal outsourcing

Just like any client-facing profession or business, law firms’ main objective is to keep their clients happy and well-satisfied. 

Over the years, law firms have been acquiring paralegal outsourcing services as they can save on their overhead costs. But that does not stop there, many law firms are opting for paralegal outsourcing for several reasons. 

Lawyers in general, have a very demanding job which is why paralegals are valuable assets to law firms. Paralegals perform different tasks to support lawyers especially in preparing for trials, hearings, including corporate meetings. 

Paralegals make sure that lawyers can keep and maintain all their files organized. They conduct legal research, particularly on relevant laws, legal articles, and regulations. They draft legal documents and correspondence like mortgages or contracts. 

Paralegals are also present during trials, they take down important notes or review trial transcripts. They can be also tasked to file appeals and briefs, or other legal documents with the opposing counsel or the court. These are just some of the essential responsibilities of paralegal professionals. 

What is paralegal outsourcing?

In paralegal outsourcing, law firms can receive the same services that in-house paralegals perform but better. 

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When employing in-house paralegals, in most cases, training is required to help new hires get acquainted with their tasks. Whereas in paralegal outsourcing, there isn’t a need for training as law firms can outsource skilled and experienced paralegals.  

Paralegal outsourcing providers have paralegal experts that specialize in every aspect of law. Whether it be criminal law, matrimonial law, business law, or anything that is within the scope of legal jurisprudence. 

What is paralegal outsourcing?

What makes an excellent paralegal outsourcing provider? 

An excellent paralegal outsourcing provider does not only provide an expert that is knowledgeable in a particular aspect of law. An ideal paralegal outsourcing company can provide a team of experts that perform specialized services. 

An excellent paralegal outsourcing provider employs paralegal professionals that are not only well versed but have the necessary background and certifications for the job. 

In some states, paralegals should be able to pass an exam administered by the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) or the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA) 

As for states where certification or exams are not required, outsourcing firms look for educational backgrounds. An outsourced paralegal needs an associate’s degree or certificate of completion from a college or university.

Outsourcing firms like Outsourced also usually hire paralegals with good reputations and certified work experience.

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This BPO services company based in the Philippines is well versed in employing remote paralegal services staff that suits each client’s requirements. Apart from paralegal, Outsourced also offers other legal services like hiring a CPA, legal secretary, or paraplanner.

Is paralegal outsourcing safe? 

Outsourced paralegals strictly abide by their professional and ethical responsibilities, particularly in dealing with law firms and their clients. 

Client confidentiality is also a top priority for outsourced paralegal professionals. This confidentiality extends to the following: 

  • Non-verbal communication.
  • Verbal communication regarding client matters.
  • Email communication.
  • Written communication and other documents.
  • Online communication, including but not limited to social media. 
  • Other files and security.
  • Electronic communications with the opposite counsel.

If confidential information is breached, law firms can automatically terminate their contract with their outsourcing provider. On top of that, have them face criminal liabilities. 

However, paralegal outsourcing firms must keep the security of their clients even past the end of every contract. 

Is paralegal outsourcing safe? 

What are the benefits of paralegal outsourcing? 

Besides being able to save massively on costs, paralegal outsourcing also offers the following advantages: 

1. Smooth distribution of tasks

Outsourced paralegals typically already have backgrounds in working for different law firms and attorneys. This means that they will be able to easily pick up and adapt to any specific office procedures given to them. 

2. Flexibility

Paralegal outsourcing companies do not have fixed hours of working compared to a regular law firm. Lawyers can hand out work and outsourcing firms will have it completed on a given time frame or even earlier. 

Offshoring paralegal services to countries with different time zones can also be beneficial. Law firms can delegate work at the end of their business hours.

Their offshore outsourcing provider will then have it accomplished and ready as they start their next working day. 

3. Ability to focus on core competencies

Since lawyers are relieved of various tedious and mundane tasks, they can focus more on catering to their clients. They will also have more time to entertain new clients, attend important seminars, and concentrate on how they will be able to boost their business strategies. 

Paralegal outsourcing helps law firms improve their productivity and profitability while reducing their overall costs. 

Paralegal outsourcing in conclusion

The rise of demand in paralegal outsourcing only proves that it is a profitable strategic practice in the long run. 

Outsourcing paralegal professionals is also a viable option for small and growing practices as they can save money. Employing in-house paralegal professionals is very costly and can be detrimental to their profitability. 

Ultimately paralegal outsourcing is very beneficial to law firms of all types and sizes. 

If you are seeking a paralegal outsourcing firm to help you out, feel free to browse through our BPO Directory. We currently have over 3000 BPO firms featured on our Directory page.

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