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Home » Articles » Outsourcing Inquiries Spike to $51M – New quality Controls Initiated – May Report

Outsourcing Inquiries Spike to $51M – New quality Controls Initiated – May Report

Outsourcing Inquiries Spike to $51M - New quality Controls Initiated - May Report

May outsourcing inquiry & traffic analysis

Outsource Accelerator generated a record number of inbound outsourcing inquiries for May – increasing 50% on the previous month to 605 – of which, 185 booked a phone call consultation, and 266 requested an outsourcing quotation for an estimated combined value of $51M

However, the quality score of the inquiries dramatically dropped during the month.  We noticed this trend mid-month and made quick adjustments to course-correct back to better quality engagements.

Quality analysis

To ensure a quantifiable push towards quality, we have instituted a validation score and quality score for each inquiry and will now track and work to drive increasingly higher value connections to the outsourcing industry. The chart below identifies the spike of lower quality inquiries at the beginning of May.

Validation of score and inquiries 2021

Despite the challenging month and speedy adjustments to the Outsource Accelerator platform, the Source Partner program’s inbound inquiries remained strong with 266 quotation requests, seeking a minimum of 1,701 full-time jobs with a contract value of over $51M*. 

Overall the platform saw a moderate increase in traffic to 58,626 visitors (up 11%), but saw a whopping 85% increase in page views to 185,559 for the month, generating the 605 inbound inquiries.

The annualised quotation inquiries amounted to an estimated total combined value of $205.6M* requesting a total of 6,988 full-time roles.

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*Conservative client value calculation: take the lowest end of their role request numbers, multiply by conservative top-line revenue of $1,250/role/month, multiplied by 24 months (conservative team lifetime value & duration)

Key metrics for May

Key metrics for May

Total outsourcing inquiry value – last 12 months

Total outsourcing inquiry value - last 12 months

Outsourcing inquiry value – May 2021

Outsourcing inquiry value - May 2021

605 inbound client inquiries, 185 calls booked

OA generated over 20 inbound outsourcing inquiries for every day of the month in May. Of those inquiries 185 partner consultation calls were booked.  Here’s a snapshot of just 4 of the inbound inquiries.

partner consultation calls

Outsourcing inquiry insights

The Source Partner dashboard provides live analysis and deep-dive insight into the traffic and inquiries coming through. Some insights from May:

Number of roles required – initially
Clients typically start with a smaller requirement and then grow the team once they settle the team
Number of roles required - initially
Size of clients' company
Size of clients’ company

The inbound inquiries come from companies of all sizes – from startups to multi-national enterprise

Location of clients’ company

The client inquiries come from across the globe – typically from the high-cost English-speaking nations

Location of clients' company
Clients' company sector
Clients’ company sector
The client companies cover almost every sector possible, and the roles they seek are also very varied
Live BPO leads dashboard

OA website performance

OA’s website generated 185,559 page views over May from 58,626 visitors.  The page views spiked 85% for May, while the visitor number rose by only 11%. We aren’t sure what caused the 85% increase in the number of page views – although we are always striving to make the website more engaging. The 185,600 page views means that over 6,000 pages are visited every day of the month – all of them exploring Philippine outsourcing services.

OA website performance

May sees renewed growth in traffic

May has reversed last months drop in traffic and page views.  Monthly traffic can fluctuate, either through seasonal influence or Google algorithm adjustments.  Generally OA is on track for a 2x-3x growth in website traffic over the year, and a 5x-10x growth of inbound outsourcing inquiries.

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Matching the web growth is an increasing awareness and appetite from businesses across the globe for Philippine offshore staffing solutions.

May sees renewed growth in traffic

Recalibration of audience and inquiries

May has certainly been a challenging month for the Outsource Accelerator platform.  In an effort to drive inquiries, the quality of the connections suffered.  As a result we have spent time examining what makes a great outsourcing inquiry, instituted realtime quantitative analysis of the incoming inquiries and introduced better traffic generation initiatives and filters.

We expect a continued expansion of the Source Partner program over the coming months, but will also tie-in stronger quality analysis and control parameters into the platform.  We will produce more public reporting on the quality indicators from June’s report, onwards.  As always, we will also publish all data to the public-facing Source Partner Dashboard.

Recalibration of audience and inquiries

Slowly, we are educating the world about the power of offshore staffing, and demonstrating through action that the great outsourcing nations provide world-class professionals, skills and talent. 

We continue to be excited about the prospects of 2021 and the opportunity to put outsourcing and offshore staffing on the global stage.

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