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Home » Articles » Outsourcing Impact Review: Project Freedom by Remotify

Outsourcing Impact Review: Project Freedom by Remotify

Outsourcing Impact Review Project Freedom by Remotify

Outsourcing Impact Review: Remotify

Remotify, a beacon of hope for remote workers in the Philippines, is more than just an Employer of Record+ solution. By emphasizing diversity, equity, and inclusion, this Great Place to Work-certified organization uniquely melds the benefits of traditional employment with the freedom of remote work. In doing so, Remotify directly confronts the challenges home-based workers face, ensuring they are able to handle the advantages of formal employment.

  • Bridging the Employment Gap: Transitioning remote workers from the instability of gig work to the security of formal employment.
  • Commitment to the Community: By dedicating a portion of every successful hire to the SOS Children’s Village, Remotify solidifies its commitment to creating lasting change from the ground up.
Outsourcing Impact Review Remotify
Outsourcing Impact Review: Remotify

How Project Freedom Started: A Quick Background

In a digital age where remote work surged, Remotify identified a significant gap: countless workers deprived of the benefits of formal employment, despite delivering similar value to their office-based counterparts. Founded in 2021, Remotify was conceived as a business and a mission. A mission to bring dignity, stability, and recognition to remote workers across the Philippines, bolstering not just individual lives but the entire economy.

When they dove into the intricacies of the digital era, Remotify witnessed a seismic shift in work dynamics. The workplace landscape has drastically changed from the traditional 9-to-5 office setting to the widespread adoption of remote roles. What did they do?

  • Address Employment Disparities: By shouldering responsibilities from HR to payroll, Remotify offers remote workers the security of formal employment without compromising their flexibility.
  • The Power of Human Support: Beyond mere paperwork, Remotify stands apart with its emphasis on fostering community, human connection, and genuine support.

Relevant Statistics: Facts and Figures

Remotify’s achievements are both commendable and concrete:

  • Remotify is processing USD 1M in employee salaries in just its second year.
  • With employees spanning from Benguet to Sultan Kudarat, 69% of whom are women, the company champions both geographical and gender diversity.

An outstanding metric is their Great Place to Work certification, with a staggering 93% approval. This speaks volumes about the company’s culture and commitment, especially given its remote setup.

Persons In-Charge

  • Maria Sucgang – Founder

Positive Impact Created

Remotify isn’t just about remote work; it’s about redefining work cultures and societal contributions. Their collaboration with SOS Children’s Village emphasizes a holistic approach to societal improvement, targeting challenges at their roots.

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Positive Impact Created
Relevant Statistics: Facts and Figures

A Real Impact

For twelve long years, freelancers in the Philippines struggled without proper financial records, accumulating debt and missing out on employment benefits. Upon joining Remotify, not only did they regain their financial footing, but they also found a community that supports and empowers them. 

Such tales exemplify the difference Remotify is making, offering more than jobs — they offer futures. Each success story is a testament to Remotify’s commitment and ripple effect across communities.

About the Outsourcing Impact Review

Remotify won the Bronze Award for the Outsourcing Impact Review’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion category.

Remotify, while a forerunner in remote employment solutions, redefines the essence of work in the digital age. Their focus on holistic employee welfare, societal contributions, and environmental sustainability sets them apart, showcasing the vast potential of private enterprises to make a public impact.

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