Successfully outsourcing customer support in 2021

Customer Support Outsourcing

Worldwide outsourcing has become more common as technology advances. Organizations can hire third-party companies to carry out duties that would typically be handled by an entire department. Customer support outsourcing is just one of these many popular services that businesses have been taking advantage of for years and will continue to do so in the future. 

Outsourced support team

Some companies who start small do not have the resources to hire a full customer support staff, even if they require it for business operations. Outsourcing helps to make all of their operation’s needs possible, even for small businesses. 

An organization does not have to worry about additional office space, payroll, benefits, or even training by outsourcing a customer support team. A third-party outsourcing company makes even a small business owner more profitable and efficient. Plus, as Forbes notes, outsourcing customer service is one of the best uses of a remote workforce.

Outsourced phone support 

Having an outsourced phone support team for your organization can make all the difference. Individuals worldwide still prefer to talk to real people on the phone when they are looking for immediate help. If a company wants to ensure that all of their customers reach a customer service representative each time they call, outsourcing could be the answer. 

Outsourced Support Team
Outsourced Support Team

Using a third-party company for customer service can save an organization money and hassle annually. From avoiding increased office space to additional employee salaries and benefits, a business can hire this entire department out at a reduced cost, similar to companies that employ remote workers. 

How to outsource customer support

Deciding to outsource customer support should not be taken lightly. The market is huge and there are many options to explore when an organization is searching for a third-party company for their customer service needs. 


Some aspects to consider when examining outsourcing companies are: 

  • Cost
  • Contract renewals or timelines
  • Language barriers
  • Out-of-country taxes or fees
  • Legal obligations with confidential information

Being thorough when looking for outsourcing customer support is essential for success. Conducting ample research is necessary to ensure all contracts are well-defined and expectations are clear. This will eliminate any misunderstandings later as both parties work together. 

What are the best customer support outsourcing services? 

There are many avenues when investigating customer support outsourcing services. Third-party companies may have a variety of services available to choose from or complete bundled service packages. Some of these amenities can include: 

  • Telephone support
  • Email support
  • Online Chat help
  • Social media help
How to Outsource Customer Support
How to Outsource Customer Support

Determining what an organization needs in terms of customer service will help when the final decision is made for outsourcing. Some companies will want to have their customers reach a representative by phone or email, while others may opt for only digital online chat help. The best customer support outsourcing services will be the ones that fit an organization’s necessities. 

Customer support outsourcing in the Philippines

Customer support outsourcing plays a large part in the modern worldwide business market. Many organizations take full advantage of all the benefits when using a third-party to head up their service department. When done correctly, using an outsourcing company can give your business an edge against the competition. 

You need thorough research and preparation if you want to get started with outsourcing. As mentioned above, there’s a variety of factors that you need to consider. Cost should be one of the considerations but not necessarily the main one. By doing this, you might sacrifice the quality of your service which can affect customer satisfaction in return.

While your outsourcing provider will help you every step of the way, it’s still an adjustment – especially if it’s your first time to outsource. You need to get yourself and your whole team prepared for any challenges and need for improvements you would face in the future.


Get the best out of your outsourced customer support by hiring a suitable outsourcing partner today. BPO providers like Everise are dedicated to provide the best customer experience for you and your clients.

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