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  • A business practice used by companies to reduce cost or improve efficiency by handing over control to a private enterprise. Outsourcing includes both foreign and domestic contracting sometimes includes offshoring.

Why would a company consider outsourcing?

  • Running a business would be costly, millions or thousands of money would be needed to start up. As a businessman, you would think of ways to be efficient but not sacrificing your quality standards. You would want to maintain your good standing as a company. As your business grows, you’ll need more people and you might need a helping hand too.
  • There’s a lot of options you can consider once you do a research for Outsourcing. I will offer my beloved country to be considered on your list. I, myself had been part of different companies, and I’ll share why the Philippines would be the best choice for Outsourcing.


  • Efficiency
    • The Philippines can help you set up your business with minimum time and effort. We have locations readily available anytime, we had been working for multiple clients for Business Outsourcing since ‘92. We’re just waiting for more so we have different locations for you to choose from. You won’t imagine how fast our developers can put up a building for you on your preferred location.
    • Cost of money here in the Philippines, depending on your country, could be more. For example, a dollar in the US cost 50 in Philippine currency. So let’s say if you pay an American employee $12/hr and in the Philippines, you pay, minimum 100 pesos an hour, your saving $10 per employee. Imagine how much money you save hiring a Filipino.
  • Hospitality
    • We understand it’s quite hard putting up a business in a foreign location. No need to worry about that because we can assure you, that the very first day you step in our land, you will feel welcomed. We, Filipinos are known for our hospitality. You’ll love it here.
  • Driven
    • We deliver results and work with passion. We can get the job done for you ahead of the deadline. Do you want results? Don’t worry… We exceed expectations.
  • Culture
    • We were colonized by foreign countries and were believed to have mixed culture. English has been a part of our native language. It’s been taught in school from Day one. Communication will not be an issue.
  • The Philippines and US relationship
    • If you will be a client from the US (which most outsourcing companies are) rest assured that you’re in good hands. The Philippines and US had been friends and the presidents
  • Safety and Security
    • Since our government improved, the Crime rate in the Philippines went down. We cannot guarantee 100% because anything can happen anywhere and everywhere. But we guarantee that we can provide you the best security that you deserve.   
  • People
    • Filipinos are trustworthy. Integrity is part of our culture, we always prioritize doing the right thing. We have values and we are positive thinkers. No matter what life throws us, we always look at the bright side of things.


Buildings in manila

Why outsource to the Philippines?


We have everything you need here.

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        As someone running a business, we understand that efficiency is very important. It would be a great idea to save so much money without sacrificing your company’s quality. Will you entrust your beloved customers to a group of people located abroad? Not an easy decision to make, however, Filipinos had already proven to provide excellent customer service to millions of clients all over the globe. Outsourcing started way back 2004, and we still have clients coming in.

       In the past, we had a close fight with Indian centers since Outsourcing was first established in India before it was introduced in the Philippines. Years passed, clients from US & UK decided to move their business from India to the Philippines which caused many centers to close.

Based on an article online, The Economist, 26 Feb 2016


The largest number of contact-centers are located in the Philippines and India. Based on customers surveys, they prefer speaking with Juan rather than Muhammad.

Once a representative answers a call, the customer can already recognize they’re not from the US. This is because of the representative’s accent. In the past, customers are not familiar with Outsourcing, so they get confused whenever a representative answers a call and they hear a very thick accent. Most of the time, the customer thinks your a Fraudster, or they might think your not capable enough to resolve their concerns. So, the customer now asks for a manager. Filipinos are to have a ‘neutral accent” it’s very minimal to the sense of customer not noticing it anymore. As a result, they wouldn’t even think that they’re speaking with an Outsource agent.

Customer surveys also state that “the representative was so nice and she made my day better” – familiar?

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As a company, you aim for long-term customers, referrals, and stability. You think of strategies to make sure you keep them and for them to recommend you to their friends and family members. Most outsourcing company uses random surveys to make sure they know what the customer feels, customer needs and feedbacks. You as a company owner would also know how your people treat your clients. I assure you, your Filipino front liners will definitely nail it!

Next, will be Branding.

How can you make sure that that you maintain the Quality of your services? So it will be uniformed locally and overseas?

The answer to that will be proper training.

Since you’ll be hiring people who need to know the process, your company values, and all that stuff, your new team should be trained by someone who is well-experienced with explaining your brand & service. Since hiring a Filipino rep is an advantage since you don’t need to focus on teaching the language or the communication part since they are familiar with it.. You now focus on the process itself which should only take a couple of weeks.

Don’t worry, Filipinos are fast learners and they can easily adapt.

You’ll have your team ready in no time!

So… Why Outsource in the Philippines?

Because you have everything you need here ready for you.


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