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Negative reverse selling: Get ready to gear up your sales techniques!

As a business owner, you know well enough that utilizing various sales tactics is highly essential in keeping your company profitable.

However, you have to learn the ropes first before fully implementing a certain sales strategy.

In terms of engaging with your customers to procure sales, take note that having doubtful customers is worse than customers who say “no.”

In dealing with this kind of customer, know that there are other methods you can use to turn ambiguous leads into sales, like negative reverse selling.

But how does negative reverse selling work?

In this article, we’ll help you take your sales strategies a step further through negative reverse selling. Know what this approach is all about. We’ll also give you tips on how you can successfully implement it.

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Defining “negative reverse selling”

Negative reverse selling is far different from the traditional sales techniques salespeople usually make use of. This type of sales strategy makes use of “reverse psychology” to direct a conversation and determine your lead’s true resolve.

Implementing negative reverse selling is executed by asking questions along with giving remarks that are contrary to your desired outcome.

Defining “negative reverse selling”
Defining “negative reverse selling”

To explain it further, negative reverse selling can be broken down into two parts:

Softener statement

This is when your sales rep validates your customers’ concerns and ensures them that they are understood. A softening statement helps you ensure that your customers will not be provoked or enraged by your negative statement.

Here are a few examples of a softening statement:

  • “I understand..”
  • “You are absolutely right!”
  • “That is a valid concern.” 

You use this statement to let your customers’ guard down.

Negative statement

A negative statement is expressed in a manner that is contrary to the direction your sales rep would want to take the conversation. This statement aims to propel customers to do the opposite of what the sales rep wants.

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Examples of a negative statement are:

  • “Our products and services are not for everyone.”
  • “Are you sure this falls within your budget?”
  • “Do I have the right impression that (X) is not a priority for you at the moment?”

The goal for a negative statement is to have leads reconsider their decision or explain why they are reluctant on the offer.

Why should you implement negative reverse selling?

Negative reverse selling helps you in the following:

Negative reverse selling keeps the sales process going

It allows you to avoid customers who keep on rescheduling or dodging scheduled sales calls or demos.

Negative reverse selling lets your sales reps direct leads on their desired path. It is either to close a deal or remove them from your pipeline.

Negative reverse selling helps put you in a strong position 

It lets your representative be confident about your products and services. Further, it puts you in a solid position which also entices your prospects to get to know more about what you are offering.

Negative reverse selling shifts your customers’ mindset about needing your products or services

Speaking of facts, people want something that they cannot have. In negative reverse selling, you take what you offer off the table. Customers will then feel a sense of loss which results in the realization that they need or want what you’re selling.

Negative reverse selling enables you to determine dead leads

Negative reverse selling helps you identify dead leads. This enables your sales reps to get rid of unsure and doubtful prospects so you can move on.

Negative reverse selling: 3 powerful tips to make this approach a success!

To help you get started, here are three tips to consider to make your reverse selling technique a success:

Have a complete understanding of what negative reverse selling is

These days customers have a wide range of options for certain products or services. Because they tend to get overwhelmed by these selections, it is a natural defense mechanism to refuse your offer.

As mentioned earlier, negative reverse selling is all about reverse psychology. Sales representatives usually have all the right answers to prospects’ concerns, questions, and objections.

Negative reverse selling means agreeing with customers. Then, you can proceed to ask questions to allow customers to discuss further without persuading them otherwise.

Negative reverse selling Three Powerful tips to make this approach a success!
Negative reverse selling Three Powerful tips to make this approach a success!

Listen more and be able to ask questions

One important note to remember is that negative reverse selling can be counterproductive if not done correctly.

So it is vital to listen more carefully and ask the right questions. Another thing is that this approach is not something that is suitable for any situation.

It works when prospects start to ask questions, share their apprehensions, and reconsider the offer.

Ensure consistency by using a template 

Having a uniform template for all your sales representatives lets your sales team execute this technique easily. Make sure to have a rundown of what should be done at every step of the conversation.

Start by outlining your softening statements. The next negative reverse selling technique is to create a list of your negative statements.

And lastly, your sales reps should be able to guide your prospects to make their purchase and seal the deal!

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