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What are multidisciplinary teams?

What are multidisciplinary teams

With over 3,000 registered Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firms globally, how can you stand out as a trusted provider?

One way to gain an advantage as an outsourcing firm is to provide a multitude of services. Building multidisciplinary teams – or assembling experts from diverse fields – enables organizations to offer comprehensive solutions to their clients.

In the 479th episode of the Outsource Accelerator Podcast, Gene Bohensky, COO of Satellite Office, discussed developing and managing multidisciplinary teams.

Purpose of a multidisciplinary team

The Philippines has evolved from a “call center destination” to a country with a talent pool that has “grown tremendously.”

Jeff says, “What’s been really good is that the Philippines isn’t just customer service anymore. As a country, we’re able to provide many more value and add roles and opportunities to our clients across multidisciplines.”

These multidisciplinary teams leverage the collective knowledge, experiences, and perspectives of their members to address issues that require varied skill sets and expertise.

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Purpose of a multidisciplinary team
Purpose of a multidisciplinary team

A multidisciplinary team centers around leveraging diverse expertise to address complex problems. They foster innovation and optimum resource utilization, which ultimately enhance outcomes and work quality.

Further, a multidisciplinary team can offer comprehensive solutions that may not be achievable by a single individual or a homogeneous group.

Advantages of building a multidisciplinary team

Outsourcing companies build multidisciplinary teams for a variety of reasons. This strategy also offers the following advantages:

1. Builds teamwork

Role clarity and collaboration are essential components of multidisciplinary teamwork. By defining roles and responsibilities clearly, team members understand how their contributions fit into the larger objectives and can collaborate cross-functionally to leverage each other’s strengths.

2. Emphasizes leadership and development

Jeff shared that building a team has its challenges. He recalled, “The biggest piece that I found to be most difficult the first couple of years was that middle-level management talent.

We would have great agents and great lead agents, but finding that those team leaders, those ops managers, it was really important for us to come up with plans to grow and develop that talent internally.”

To help with this, BPO firms can start building multidisciplinary teams. The collaborative environment within multidisciplinary teams fosters leadership as team members take on roles that leverage their strengths and contribute to the overall success of the team.

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3. Enhanced problem-solving

One of the key advantages of a multidisciplinary team is its ability to approach problems from multiple angles.

By drawing on diverse perspectives, team members can identify innovative solutions that might not have been apparent otherwise. This collaborative problem-solving approach often leads to more effective and creative outcomes.

4. Accelerated innovation

Multidisciplinary teams serve as incubators for innovation.

By fostering an environment where different disciplines intersect and collaborate, these teams can spark new ideas and approaches that drive business innovation.

The combination of diverse perspectives often leads to breakthroughs and advancements that propel organizations forward.

BPOs as masters in handling a multidisciplinary team

BPO companies are experts in assembling and managing multidisciplinary teams. With their extensive experience across various industries and functions, they understand the importance of diversity and collaboration in driving business success.

BPOs excel in harnessing the collective power of multidisciplinary teams to deliver tailored solutions to their clients.

BPOs as masters in handling a multidisciplinary team
BPOs as masters in handling a multidisciplinary team

They leverage technology, analytics, and domain expertise to align team members toward common objectives and ensure seamless coordination across different functions and geographies.

By embracing diversity and collaboration, teams can unlock new opportunities, drive innovation, and achieve sustainable growth.

With BPOs leading the way in managing multidisciplinary teams, businesses can harness the full potential of their talent and expertise to stay ahead of the curve.

To learn more about how Satellite Office, visit their website at https://www.satelliteoffice.com/ 

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