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10 things CSRs do to improve customer satisfaction

10 things CSRs do to improve customer satisfaction

It has become understandably difficult to satisfy customers as their demands increase. Most of them nowadays expect brands to attend to their concerns and provide solutions quickly, or else they can dip out at any time.

According to studies, customer satisfaction continues to decline, though at a slower pace. While communication tools somehow contributed to this slowdown, social media is believed to decrease customers’ attention spans.

There’s still a way to improve your customer satisfaction through your customer service representatives (CSRs). 

This article will discuss ten things CSRs do to maintain happy and satisfied customers. 

The importance of customer satisfaction for a business

According to The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), customer satisfaction is a business’s “strategic asset” that should be optimized.

Customer satisfaction gauges how much your customers like your services. It can be a crucial indicator of whether they will stay with your brand or move to other businesses.

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Today, clients not only differentiate your brand from your direct competitors. They can now compare you to more established brands across other industries regarding offerings, experience, and other aspects.

The importance of customer satisfaction for a business
The importance of customer satisfaction for a business

10 things CSRs do to improve customer satisfaction

To make your clients stay, you must find ways to improve customer experience and satisfaction. Take a cue from your customer service team.

CSRs are the best in terms of handling clients and providing the excellent experience possible. They can help you do the following to improve your customer satisfaction:

1. Empathizing with customers

CSRs are well-trained in empathizing with customers, especially during stressful times. They know how to make their clients receptive and de-escalate their situations as much as possible.

2. Making conversations human

While CSRs know their scripts well, they do not simply stick to what’s indicated on them. They know how to humanize their call and connect with their customers well.

3. Using positive wording

Aside from communicating clearly, CSRs are well-trained in turning negative messages into positive wording. Doing this helps build trust with their customers in return.

4. Getting to know their products and services

CSRs focus on getting to know a brand’s products and services, especially when updates and add-ons are released. This helps them answer inquiries and upsell better.

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5. Upselling and cross-selling

CSRs are also experts in helping customers maximize the services they get with a certain brand. They know the right time to upsell and cross-sell to clients as a way to go beyond the service they provide.

6. Providing extensive support

CSRs go their way to provide extensive support for their customers. Aside from solving their existing problems, they proactively ask and offer solutions to other concerns their clients might have.

7. Creating an omnichannel experience

CSRs nowadays don’t simply stick to single communication channels. As much as possible, they branch their services to other platforms, including email, chat, and social media.

8. Appreciating customer feedback

CSRs know how to appreciate customer feedback and use them as their gauge for doing well at their work.

10 things CSRs do to improve customer satisfaction

9. Empower their customers

CSRs know when they are needed by their clients in terms of answering their concerns. At the same time, they give them the freedom to answer their basic inquiries, such as website navigation, through self-service options.

10. Learn more and upskill

Lastly, CSRs are aware of the changes in handling customer service and the industry they are in. With this, they set their initiative on upskilling and learning new tools at work.

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