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Can you hire top talent even with a smaller budget?

This article is a submission by 20four7VA. 20four7VA is a trusted remote hiring company specializing in cost-effective, end-to-end offshore contract staffing solutions.

Is your business growing too fast that meeting customer demands becomes too challenging? Or are routine tasks taking up too much of your workday that you don’t have time for your executive functions?

If you answered yes to either one, it’s probably time to find more help. But if you’re trying to limit your spending, hiring top talent can seem impossible.

Attracting and hiring talent with a limited budget

If you’re wondering whether you can still hire skilled people for your roles despite a limited budget, don’t fret! Finding the right talent is still possible with the following steps:

Assess your current team’s workload

Reviewing your team’s workload can help you see which tasks can be done by a new hire and check whether or not you need additional people. Doing so will also allow you to merge certain duties that can be reassigned to the new hire.

For example, suppose your sales team is bogged down by routine admin tasks. In that case, you can hire an administrative assistant instead of a new sales executive, which can cost more given their specialization.

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This way, your sales team can focus on what they do best—chasing leads and closing deals—instead of spending hours on time-consuming admin work.

Merging tasks can also allow you to save money. Instead of hiring more people than what your business really needs, you can centralize specific responsibilities. For some companies, shared services (e.g., billing) can be more cost-efficient than hiring multiple billing specialists to do the same task per department.

Attracting and hiring talent with a limited budget
Attracting and hiring talent with a limited budget

Use the power of your network

Reach out to your university, alumni networks, and professional organizations for recommendations. You can also post job openings on your personal social media channels and ask your network if they know anyone who may be interested in the position.

You’d be surprised at how many qualified candidates you can find without having to spend more on recruitment.

Reaching out to universities can also give you access to internship programs and undergrads looking for work experience and credits.

Participating in such programs can help you get more done while strengthening ties with the community.

Plus, if you have a good company culture and an encouraging work environment, interns will have a great learning experience with your organization. Their reviews and recommendations can help you improve your employer brand.

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Be open to alternative staffing solutions

Hiring great people with limited resources may be challenging, but it’s not impossible. There are plenty of skilled workers around the world who can do the job. You just need to figure out how to look for them.

Enter: Remote staffing solutions.

Benefits of Hiring Remote Talents

If you want to get more things done without overshooting your recruitment and labor budget, then remote staffing is an excellent option.

Lower costs

With remote staffing, you don’t have to spend more on benefits or overhead costs.

Remote talents from around the world can provide the same quality of work as in-office staff but at a fraction of the price. You can also save more since you don’t need to pay for transportation allowances and other in-house staff expenses.

Flexible staffing solutions

If you only need additional help for a certain project or a certain season, you’ll appreciate remote staffing solutions.

You can easily find and hire talents according to the skills you need for the specific period you need them.

And as your business grows and you need to amp up your capacity, you can simply scale up with additional remote talents. 

Skilled global talent

With remote staffing, you can say goodbye to geographical limitations. You’re no longer limited to finding employees within your city.

Instead, you can focus on finding the right talent for your budget and business needs. Remote staffing companies can help match your staffing requirements with the most suitable remote professionals.

You can gain access to pre-vetted remote talents from countries like the Philippines.

Benefits of Hiring Remote Talents

Yes, you can hire top talent with a smaller budget

Your resources for hiring top talent may be limited, but it doesn’t mean you can’t hire good workers.

By adopting a strategic approach to recruitment, maximizing your network, and opening up your organization to global talents, you can find the right person for the job without overshooting your budget.

Think of your team’s size and budget as opportunities for you to explore non-traditional staffing solutions. With remote staffing, you can stay within your means without sacrificing the quality of the talent you work with.

Want to know more about cost-effective, highly scalable remote staffing solutions? Contact 20four7VA today.

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