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Home » Articles » Hire Filipino virtual assistants to add value to your business

Hire Filipino virtual assistants to add value to your business

Hire Filipino virtual assistants to add value to your business
Hire Filipino virtual assistants to add value to your business

More and more companies – even solopreneurs – are hiring virtual assistants (VAs).

The added value these professionals bring to businesses is too good to pass up.

From output improvements and faster turnaround times to more streamlined processes, hiring VAs has proven to have nothing but upsides for businesses.

As with any in-demand work, many companies have sprung up offering virtual assistant services to businesses.

However, not all service providers are created equal.

Some business process outsourcing (BPO) firms, such as Wing Assistant, provide better quality services than others.

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These companies let their clients hire Filipino virtual assistants to ensure better work quality and rapport with clients.

Filipino VAs and why they’re in demand

There are many reasons why businesses prefer to hire Filipino virtual assistants over VAs from other countries.

For one, Filipinos are well-adapted to Western culture and understand its nuances. The Philippines’ close ties with the US and other international countries have given Filipino VAs a competitive edge over VAs from other destinations.

Aside from their understanding of Western values, Filipino VAs are also highly flexible and can quickly adapt to any working environment.

Employers who hire Filipino virtual assistants can assign their Filipino VAs to graveyard shifts or have them work on changing schedules without worrying about adjustment needs.

Filipino virtual assistants’ adaptability extends to more than just their work schedules.

These VAs are also flexible enough to handle tasks that aren’t directly related to their specialties.

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For example, Filipino VAs specializing in web content management can also take on calendar management duties for their employer.

Filipino VAs and why they're in demand
Filipino VAs and why they’re in demand

Benefits of hiring Filipino virtual assistants

Business owners gain plenty of advantages when they hire Filipino virtual assistants.

Some of these advantages, such as the traits mentioned earlier, are intrinsic Filipino traits. However, some are afforded by dint of being located in the Philippines.

Below are some of these benefits:

English proficiency

Many employers hire Filipino virtual assistants for their high proficiency with the English language.

English is the second language in the Philippines. It’s also used as the primary medium of instruction in schools from elementary to the post-graduate level.

It’s therefore not surprising that a large number of the Filipino population has a degree of English proficiency on par with native speakers of the language.

In addition to their English proficiency, employers also hire Filipino virtual assistants for their relatively neutral accents.

Benefits of hiring Filipino virtual assistants
Benefits of hiring Filipino virtual assistants

Cultural adaptability

Filipinos live in a country known for being a melting pot of various cultures.

Different cultures exist even within Filipino society. Moreover, the country has been a colony of three different countries with vastly different cultures for over 300 years.

This has made Filipinos highly adaptable to cultures that are different from their own.


Another compelling reason why business owners hire Filipino virtual assistants is their significantly lower employment costs.

Hiring Filipino VAs lets employers access the Philippines’ relatively cheap labor market and cut down on salary costs.

Business owners can hire Filipino VAs for a fraction of what other VAs cost.

For example, the average VA from the Philippines can be hired for as low as USD 3-5 per hour. Meanwhile, their Western counterparts can go up to USD 14-24.

Hire Filipino virtual assistants through Wing Assistant

Aside from choosing to hire Filipino virtual assistants, it’s equally important to hire them through reputable service providers.

Wing Assistant is one of the Philippines’ leading providers of virtual assistants and other outsourcing needs.

The firm stands out from other VA providers because of its unique pricing scheme. Instead of hourly rates becoming  expensive in the long run, Wing Assistant charges clients one low monthly fee for their VAs.

Hire Filipino virtual assistants through Wing Assistant now!

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