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10 high-volume hiring strategies to try in 2024

10 high-volume hiring strategies to try in 2024

In the world of recruitment, staying ahead requires innovative approaches. 

As we step into 2024, the hiring method is evolving, especially when it comes to recruiting a myriad of candidates. 

In this article, we will explore what high-volume hiring entails, its importance, effective strategies to implement, relevant metrics to track, and the benefits and challenges associated with it.

What is high-volume hiring?

High-volume hiring is a strategy to address the rapid and large-scale staffing needs of an organization. 

Unlike traditional hiring processes that focus on filling individual positions, this method is about onboarding a substantial number of candidates effectively.

What is high-volume hiring
What is high-volume hiring?

High-volume hiring metrics

Let’s explore three essential metrics that can help you measure and optimize your high-volume hiring efforts:

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Time-to-fill is a critical metric that measures the duration it takes to fill a vacant position. In high-volume hiring, where speed is paramount, reducing time-to-fill is essential. 

A shorter time-to-fill not only makes your organization remain agile but also enhances the candidate experience. When you streamline your recruitment process, you can attract and secure top talent before competitors can


Keeping a close eye on cost-per-hire is essential to maintain the financial efficiency of your high-volume hiring strategies. 

You can calculate the total cost incurred to fill a position, such as: 

  • Advertising
  • Recruitment software
  • Hiring team salaries

While high-volume hiring aims for quantity, it’s equally important to optimize costs without compromising on the quality of hires. 

Monitoring cost-per-hire gives you information about how your recruitment processes remain both effective and budget-friendly.

Application completion rate

The application completion rate is a metric that measures the percentage of candidates who complete the entire application process. 

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In high-volume hiring, a high completion rate signifies an accessible and user-friendly application process. Meanwhile, a low completion rate may indicate barriers in the application process, potentially deterring qualified job seekers. 

Analyzing this metric helps identify and address any issues. The goal is to maximize the number of qualified candidates progressing through the recruitment funnel.

10 high-volume hiring strategies to implement

Here are ten strategies that can streamline the process and guarantee you attract, assess, and onboard a large number of candidates efficiently.

1. Implement automated pre-screening tools

Automated pre-screening tools are your first line of defense in managing a high volume of applicants. These tools go through resumes, evaluate qualifications, and create a shortlist of candidates based on predefined criteria. 

By automating this initial phase, you save valuable time and resources. The automated tools give you only the most suitable candidates to proceed in the hiring process.

2. Organize virtual job fairs 

Embrace the digital age by organizing virtual job fairs. These events provide an excellent platform to connect with potential candidates without the limitations of physical locations. 

Virtual job fairs not only attract diverse talents but also allow for efficient interactions and networking.

3. Utilize a mobile-friendly application process

In a world where everyone is on the move, it’s crucial to utilize a mobile-friendly application process. 

Ensure that your application platform is accessible on smartphones and tablets. It not only broadens your job seekers list but also reflects a commitment to user-friendly processes.

4. Use social media platforms to promote job openings

Social media is a powerful tool for connecting with passive candidates and creating a buzz around your opportunities. Leverage the power of social media by using platforms to promote job openings. 

Platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook offer a vast reach. Craft engaging posts that not only advertise your vacancies but also showcase your company culture. 

5. Implement a referral program

Harness the strength of your existing workforce through an effective referral program. Encourage your employees to recommend qualified candidates from their networks. 

This strategy not only taps into a trusted source of potential hires but also fosters a sense of community within your organization.

Woman shaking a colleague's hand in a meeting
10 high-volume hiring strategies to implement

6. Conduct initial interviews through video platforms

Save time and resources by conducting initial interviews through video platforms. It lets recruiters assess candidates skillfully without the constraints of geographical locations. 

An online interview process enables recruiters to evaluate a higher volume of candidates in less time.

7. Organize bulk hiring events

Efficiently hire in large numbers by organizing bulk hiring events. These events create a buzz around your organization and attract a diverse talent source. 

Whether it’s an online or in-person event, a focused approach grants streamlined assessments and faster evaluation.

8. Foster collaboration between hiring managers and recruiters

Smooth communication and collaboration between hiring managers and recruiters are critical for successful high-volume hiring. 

Create a unified approach to ensure that both parties are in agreement regarding the hiring criteria and expectations.

This collaboration enhances efficiency and reduces delays in the decision-making process.

9. Develop training programs

Invest in the development of training programs specifically tailored for high-volume hires. These programs establish a smoother integration of new employees into the company culture and processes. 

By providing the necessary tools and knowledge upfront, you set your hires up for success from day one.

10. Collect feedback from both candidates and hiring teams

Continuous improvement is key to refining your high-volume hiring process. Consistently gather feedback from both candidates and hiring teams. 

A feedback loop not only enhances the candidate experience but also allows you to fine-tune your strategies based on real-world insights.

Challenges of high-volume hiring

High-volume hiring has advantages, but organizations must strategically navigate these associated challenges:

Maintaining the quality of hires

One of the foremost challenges in high-volume hiring is maintaining the quality of hires

Having too many candidates can lead to missing important qualifications and cultural fit. Rushing through the hiring process to meet a number of targets may result in less ideal hires.

Can strain the candidate’s experience

A large number of applicants can strain the candidate’s experience during the recruitment process.

Complicated application procedures, slow responses, or a lack of personal interactions can cause frustration and create a negative view of the organization.

Can pose challenges in maintaining diversity and inclusion

While high-volume hiring aims to attract a large pool of candidates, it can pose challenges in maintaining diversity and inclusion. 

A streamlined processes may unintentionally introduce biases, and the pressure to quickly fill positions can lead to overlooking the importance of a diverse workforce. 

Benefits of high-volume hiring

Here are some key aspects highlighting the importance of high-volume hiring:

Meeting organizational needs

High-volume hiring is not just about filling positions but also aligning the workforce swiftly with the demands of the organization. 

Whether it’s a sudden surge in projects or seasonal requirements, mass hiring ensures that the right people are in the right places at the right time.

Efficiency and speed

High-volume hiring focuses on being efficient and fast. It is about hiring a lot of candidates and making the recruitment process quick and effective. 

The aim is to maintain quality while meeting the organization’s growth needs.


Despite the common belief that high-volume hiring is costly, it is actually a cost-effective approach.  Organizations can significantly reduce their overall expenses by simplifying and automating various aspects of the hiring process.

This hiring method strives to strike a balance between cost-effectiveness and hiring high-quality candidates. The ultimate goal is to have a positive impact on the organization’s financial outcomes.


In business, being adaptable is crucial for success. High-volume hiring is a proactive strategy that gives organizations the flexibility to adjust their workforce quickly according to demand.

It equips organizations with the flexibility to respond promptly to changing market conditions and business requirements. This provides a competitive edge in changing market conditions.

Diversity and inclusion

A significant advantage of high-volume hiring is its potential to enhance diversity and inclusion within the workforce. 

While attracting a large and diverse pool of candidates, organizations can create a workplace that reflects varied perspectives and experiences.

Using this hiring method fosters innovation and builds a culture of inclusivity.

young people holding white blank paper
Benefits of high-volume hiring

Talent pipeline

Beyond immediate hiring needs, volume recruitment contributes to the development of a robust talent pipeline. 

By consistently engaging with a large pool of potential candidates, organizations establish a foundation for future recruitment requirements. 

Technology integration

During the age of digital evolution, technology assumes a pivotal role.

From applicant tracking systems to video interviews, technology integration enhances the efficiency and accuracy of the hiring process. It lets organizations stay ahead in a competitive talent market and make data-driven decisions.

Employee retention

High-volume hiring goes beyond recruitment by addressing the crucial aspect of employee retention. 

When candidates have a positive onboarding experience facilitated by effective hiring strategies, it contributes to long-term employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Scalability and rapid growth

The scalability of hiring a mass candidate enables companies to expand their workforce swiftly to meet increased needs.  This provides organizations with the ability to adapt and grow quickly. 

Achieving success through high-volume hiring

Success in high-volume hiring goes beyond numbers. It involves establishing a streamlined, inclusive, and efficient process that aligns with the organization’s goals and values. 

Keep in mind that high-volume hiring isn’t solely about quantity; it’s about ensuring quality, efficiency, and adaptability.

Through the implementation of appropriate strategies and metrics, companies can successfully navigate challenges and enjoy the advantages of a dynamic and responsive workforce.

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