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12 Best geolocation apps for your business

12 Best geolocation apps for your business

List of top geolocation apps

  1. Smart GDPR (Impress)
  2. MLV Auto Currency Switcher (MLVeda)
  3. GeoIP Country Redirect (Spice Gems) 
  4. Lingo & Currency GEO (Dropstile)
  5. GeoIP Product Blocker (ZendApps)
  6. Geolocation Express Redirect (MarbGroup)
  7. Geolocation Redirect ﹣Open Geo (Reveniux)
  8. EasyLocation – GeoIP (Nexus Media)
  9. GeoIP Country Redirect/Blocker (Cozy eCommerce Addons)
  10. GeoFly Lang & Market Selector (MLVeda)
  11. Geolocation Country Redirect (Mod Media)
  12. Smart Store Locator (ENS Enterprises Private Limited)

The geolocation feature is one of the latest and most advanced technologies that pave the way for detecting the users’ location using particular location-based apps. 

The huge demand for geolocation support significantly redefined how people shop, travel, or meet with other people. Businesses from various areas adopt location-based services[1] to give their customers a more convenient experience. 

This article will feature geolocation apps and their uses, including the best geolocation apps for businesses. 

List of top geolocation apps

How do geolocation apps work? 

The geolocation feature in mobile apps nowadays is the latest technology that determines the real geographic location[2] of one’s device, which is connected to the internet. 

Location-based applications have become a trend among businesses as they become a major asset and revenue-generating solution. 

According to Allied Market Research data, the location-based market is projected to amount to $318.64 billion in 2030. 

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Geolocation apps give a richer experience to users and offer businesses a great feature that will boost their ROI. Some of the key components of geolocation include:

  • Identify user’s current location
  • Detect user’s movement from one place to another
  • Measure the distance between objects
How do geolocation apps work?

Uses of geolocation in apps  

Geolocation technology is used by numerous apps that require location data for various cases. Most areas where geolocation is currently used include travel, food delivery, banking, insurance claiming, and on-demand services. 

Here are some of the uses of geolocation in apps:

  • Maps – geolocation feature included in apps based on maps and navigation. 
  • Weather forecast and location-specific alert – this shows relevant weather forecasts to users’ areas and provides accurate information for upcoming days or weeks. 
  • Task automation – for instance, in smart home devices, users can program it to turn on the lights when they reach their home. 

12 best geolocation apps for your business 

Here’s a list of the 12 best location apps for businesses: 

1. Smart GDPR (Impress)

Smart GDPR updates the marketing program to be opt-in instead of opt-out, in accordance with GDPR. It disables Google Analytics, Shopify Analytics, and Facebook Pixel until consent is granted. 

Smart GDPR key features are:

  • Block Shopify Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and Google Analytics until users receive permission
  • To comply with GDPR, collect “unambiguous, opt-in consent”
  • Export customer consent history as CSV for GDPR audit
  • Permit users to withdraw their consent
  • Get a privacy policy that matches the design of the shop
  • Modify fonts, colors, banner messages, and other elements
  • Availability of all the 23 EU languages
  • A cookie policy that is automatically generated
  • Delete Shopify’s 12 nonessential cookies

2. MLV Auto Currency Switcher (MLVeda)

The MLV Auto Currency Switcher by MLVeda automatically detects the user’s IP address and uses that information to identify the country where the user is browsing a particular store. 

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The app shows all the prices in the user’s home currency as soon as a page loads. The user also has the option to alter the currency using a converter. 

MLV Auto Currency Switcher’s features include:

  • Users can check out in several currencies and take their business global
  • Determines users’ country and instantly translates prices into their local currency based on the user’s IP geolocation
  • It is simple to set up, and it offers round-the-clock assistance to help users integrate the changeover with one’s business theme

3. GeoIP Country Redirect (Spice Gems) 

GeoIP Country Redirect by Spice Gems is a necessary extension for stores with an online presence in more than one country. This software can redirect users to separate store sites based on their IP address. 

Spice Gems’ GeoIP Country Redirect key features:

  • Automatic and Instant Redirect
  • Customizable Popup Box
  • Skip Redirect
  • GDPR Cookie Consent Bar
  • SEO Friendly
  • Multiple display options
  • Disable redirect for certain IP address
  • Disable Redirects for certain URLs (Whitelist URLs)
  • Google Bot Exclusion
  • UTM Parameter

4. Lingo & Currency GEO (Dropstile)

Dropstile’s Lingo & Currency GEO offers assistance in translating all forms of consent into numerous languages and converting 160 different currencies based on the user’s location. 

Dropstile’s Lingo & Currency GEO key features:

  • Automatically translates into multiple languages and currencies
  • Translate particular store using UNLIMITED words for any plan into the 100+ languages that they want to target
  • Integrated Google Translation to improve the accuracy of language translation
  • Allows manual editing of translation material and simple management of all translations in one location
  • Third-party apps for quicker, more accurate, and bulk translations
  • Ability to translate any material in front-end applications
  • Convertor for currency in native exchange rates to localize shopping experiences

5. GeoIP Product Blocker (ZendApps)

GeoIP Product Blocker by ZendApps is a software that blocks specific products, product variants, and collections. 

This app blocks them to a particular country and state within that country, and it prevents showing the product to blocked countries and fraud users within those countries. 

ZendApps’ GeoIP Product Blocker key features:

  • Products block down according to country and state
  • Choose multiple items to block
  • Choose multiple countries for each rule
  • Choose multiple states for each rule
  • Block items by product name 
  • Block collections by collection name
  • Block variants by variants name 
  • Store URL Locked according to country
  • Secret Link for Unlock Products
  • Disabling the app at any time 
  • No coding skill is required

6. Geolocation Express Redirect (MarbGroup)

GEO Express Redirect App by MarbGroup is an easy-to-install and simple-to-configure app that allows certain store sites to detect their user’s location. 

It allows stores to mechanically redirect users to the exact country website that will impress their customers and upsell a particular store. 

GEO Express Redirect App key features:

  • Multiple currency redirections 
  • Automatically redirect customers to the precise country webpage 
  • Redirect popup for presenting country-specific information
  • Flexible desired design 
  • Customization of visual layout

7. Geolocation Redirect ﹣Open Geo (Reveniux)

Geolocation Redirect – Open Geo by Reveniux is a simple application that helps stores control the geo of their customers so they can redirect or block specific countries or IPs. 

Reveniux’s Geolocation Redirect – Open Geo key features:

  • Drive UK consumers away from a client’s USA store and toward its UK store – if the client has multiple stores
  • Block custom countries
  • Bock any IP servers of spy tools
  • No coding knowledge is needed

8. EasyLocation – GeoIP (Nexus Media)

Nexus Media’s Easy Location – GeoIP is an app that redirects users to local stores or international stores. It blocks unwanted visitors according to their geolocation (block country) or IP address. 

Nexus Media’s Easy Location – GeoIP key features:

  • Flexible geolocation redirects options
  • Block by geolocation (country) or IP
  • Domain redirects
  • Flexible layouts
  • Color customizations
  • Simple API

9. GeoIP Country Redirect/Blocker (Cozy eCommerce Addons)

It is a geolocation app that permits every merchant with multiple stores only for GeoIP Redirect and even single stores for others to edit everything in Pop-Up or Bar. 

Cozy eCommerce Addons’ Geo Country Redirect/Blocker key features:

  • Enable editing anything in Pop-Up or Bar
  • Decrease the chance of destination mismatch
  • Not closure Google bot
  • Googlebot and Adwords Safe
  • Integrated into Google Analytics
  • Show popup in Visitor’s Geo IP Country’ Language

10. GeoFly Lang & Market Selector (MLVeda)

MLVeda GeoFly Lang & Market Selector provides consumers with simple-to-find language and currency. It also has country selection options using the market selectors, which are customizable for mobile and desktop. 

MLVeda GeoFly Lang & Market Selector key features:

  • Multi-language switcher
  • Highly customizable advanced market selector widget
  • Geolocation-based automatic currency, country, and language detection
  • Market selector integrated within store theme
  • Search widget to quickly lookup a particular country

11. Geolocation Country Redirect (Mod Media)

This is one of the best geolocation apps for stores that want to improve their targeted marketing campaign. With Mod Media Geolocation Country Redirect, this will detect a visitor’s current location and redirect them based on the set-up conditions. 

Mod Media Geolocation Country Redirect key features:

  • Automatically redirects customers to the correct country website 
  • Redirect users to another URL if they access a specific page on the store site based on their location
  • Customers can select stores specific to their regions with a notification bar
  • No coding knowledge is required
  • Unlimited amount of country redirects

12. Smart Store Locator (ENS Enterprises Private Limited)

Smart Store Locator by ENS Enterprises Private Limited is a geolocation app installed directly within the store’s theme and instantly generates one page within that live theme. 

This is a great tool for distributors that handle multiple retailers within the country or internationally. 

ENS Enterprises Private Limited’s Smart Store Locator key features:

  • No coding is necessary 
  • Bulk import 10 or 10,000 locations (It can import every location using a CSV file)
  • Fully customizable

Why geolocation apps are vital for businesses

Essentially, geolocation apps help businesses in many ways. It helps to track the real-time locations of their customers and historical location data. 

With this data, enterprises can improve their customer services and create richer personalized content for their customers. 

That being said, geolocation features help merchants make more sales and increase efficiency. More and more geolocation apps are available to optimize their business solution through the location. 

To get started, check out the list of the best geolocation apps mentioned above. 

Article References:

[1] Location-based services. Dey, A., Hightower, J., de Lara, E. and Davies, N. (2010). Location-Based Services. IEEE Pervasive Computing, 9(1), pp.11–12. ‌

[2] Geographical location. Erra, U. and Capece, N. (2017). Engineering an advanced geo-location augmented reality framework for smart mobile devices. Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing, 10(1), pp.255–265. ‌

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