What is employee engagement?

What is employee engagement

Employee engagement is the act of gauging how passionate your employees are about their work and how committed they are to the organization. Undoubtedly one of the most important factors in running a successful workplace, employee engagement should be a continuous effort.

Some companies use employee satisfaction in lieu of engagement. Not only that this is counterproductive, but it’s also putting other employees at a disadvantage. Almost everyone operates on different levels of satisfaction.

How to increase employee engagement

When improving morale across the organization, except that the real results wouldn’t come in overnight. People would need time to process and internalize whatever changes the management made. 

Just like adjusting to a new protocol, senior management and higher-ups take time to get involved in the process of increasing employee engagement.

Empathy in the workplace

Empathy plays a perfect role in making sure that your employees stay engaged in their roles. In the workplace, employees may subconsciously choose to mirror their day-to-day out-of-the-office personality. It’s important that empathy comes as a clear choice for them.

Clear and transparent communication

Day in and day out, professional workplaces wouldn’t thrive without transparent communication. Be it good or bad news, employees have the right to be well informed. Managers should come up with a system to promote a clear channel of communication, especially in remote setups.


Genuine feedback and professional opinions

The best people grow with well-intentioned feedback about their work. These are the kind of employees who love to learn and grow with their company. Honest feedback is what makes an employee more engaged in their work.

Personal and career growth

Some people will treat a company as a stepping stone for their careers. Be sure to encourage this type of growth as more and more people are getting burned out working for the same industry for years.

How to increase employee engagement
How to increase employee engagement

Employee engagement ideas

A simple development plan and a positive deviation from the tasks can boost morale in the workplace. Work doesn’t have to feel like work, especially if an employee is well engaged and satisfied with it.

Avoiding the workday slump

Ever heard of Wednesday being called a hump day? It’s for employees who are just waiting for the workweek to be over. Of course, on a smaller scale, there are times where they just rather go home—right after taking their break.

Avoid the workday slump by having group lunches, flexible work arrangements, and other engaging activities. Consider the environment your team thrives on and use that to your advantage.

Celebrate the people and their achievements

Working with different people means that everyone has their own pace. Some might get to the goal faster than others, some might take their time to get there. Celebrate the people, their milestones, and trust their process.

Be attentive and motivate your team

“Be a leader, not a boss.” There are countless variations of that quote and yet every time, it rings true. An attentive leader makes sure that their employees are engaged and satisfied with each and every point of their work. Adjustments are made if needed be.


Top three employee engagement software

With the pandemic pushing almost everyone out of the office, staying engaged with workmates is being more of a chore and less of a responsibility. Bring back the sense of camaraderie and accountability in the workplace with these employee engagement apps

When using these kinds of applications, remember that they are not a tool for micromanagement. They are simply for holding your employees accountable for their responsibilities and tasks.

Tip: Need to spice up the workweek? Try remote team-building games! Set up a prize system for the winners and have fun with the team before the workweek ends. 

Top three employee engagement software
Top three employee engagement software

15Five Continuous Performance Management

15Five is a human-centered performance management tool that helps the team managers become more successful, workers become more engaged, and companies perform better. With an option to schedule one-on-one meetings and track performance, 15Five enables employees to be better.

Lattice Performance Management

With Lattice, the management can easily exchange continuous feedback, do one-on-ones, set goals, conduct employee surveys, and establish structures for employee development and growth.

The platform also encourages team members to celebrate their goals and progress. Positive feedback comes with a high morale boost for everyone.


Fond is a Software-as-a-Service platform that focuses on rewarding employees for a job well done. Employees and managers can recognize one another, redeem rewards, gain access to exclusive corporate discounts, and track success with Fond, allowing HR departments to focus on driving results rather than managing programs.

Most companies do employee engagement surveys at least once a year and yet do nothing of impact with its results. Driving your employees with positive reinforcement and changes is one of the most effective ways to keep your team engaged.

As an employer, it’s your job to listen and act upon survey results—at least acknowledging them is a step in the right direction.

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