The new normal: Reasons why cloud staffing is here to stay

Due to the current health crisis, cloud staffing is becoming the norm in businesses and is not likely to end soon. Many companies now choose to outsource teams because it ensures growth in a cost-efficient manner.

Hiring a cloud staff can help maintain steady growth and productivity in organizations as industries adjust to a post-pandemic society. With this work model, companies can find a happy balance between in-house employees and outsourced resources.

Cloud staffing definition

‘Cloud staff’ or ‘cloud staffing’ is a term created by Clark-based cloud staffing firm Cloudstaff. The term refers to a turn-key offshore team, or a team that works remotely – away from the traditional physical space of the employer’s office.

You can hire highly skilled employees who could work anywhere at your preferred schedule with cloud staffing. Through them, businesses can access offshore teams without the hassle of setting them up and managing their day-to-day activities.

Many cloud staff service providers offer a wide range of various jobs — from customer support, and manufacturing tasks, to back-office — to companies in different parts of the globe.

Cloud staffing definition

COVID-19’s impact on cloud staffing

Last year, almost all countries implemented lockdowns restrictions as a way to address the continuous spread of the COVID-19 virus. Due to this, businesses have to learn how to move their operations remotely. 


The majority of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) were impacted by the lockdown. Most of them find it unaffordable to keep their local teams. That is why cloud staffing became an ideal solution for business amid the pandemic.

The current health crisis boosted the need for hiring an outsourced remote team. Cloud staff were deemed safe from the virus because they are mostly working from home, lowering the chance of infections. 

Most of them are also well-versed in remote working so time for adjustment is not necessary. Additionally, offshore outsourcing providers offer a real and economical alternative at a high standard for businesses worldwide.

Reasons why cloud staffing will stay post-pandemic

Several organizations have to rely on offshore teams to stay thriving amid the pandemic. Aside from that, a cloud staff can also bring several benefits that could help the company stay competitive in the global market.

Here are several reasons why cloud staffing has a strong chance of staying post-pandemic.

Budget Flexibility

Partnering with a cloud staffing firm enables businesses to maintain budget flexibility. This means that companies can utilize their expenses on other things that would bring added revenue to the company. 

An offshore team is a cost-effective way of expanding a business without worrying about adding new office spaces or purchasing additional equipment. Outsourcing allows your team to finish all workloads at a relatively low cost and in a much more efficient way. 


Fill the skills gap

It has become challenging for businesses to find employees with specialized abilities in certain areas or services. Highly skilled local talents are slowly dwindling and are almost always recruited by corporations rather than small companies.

Cloud staffing is a viable option for those who are looking for individuals to fill the skills gap in their in-house team. Additionally, the majority of offshore teams are already experienced in their fields, ensuring customer satisfaction and competitive results.

Diverse talent

Cloud staffing agencies can help you add people from other countries to your team. Recruiting people from different cultures and geographic locations promotes diversity and inclusiveness for your company.

This is important especially today where people value inclusivity in workplaces. A diverse staff can help your company expand operations globally and enter the international market quickly and efficiently.

Grow rapidly

Having a cloud staff also enables companies to reach out to new markets and expand their customer base. Cloud staffing is a great way to ensure that your company maintains steady growth while keeping your core team focused on internal tasks.

Companies can always benefit from an extra helping hand during expansion and development, where workloads can be severe and seemingly unending. An offshore team can assist you with growing your business, without the usual hassle of adding employees. 

Maintain company focus.

Some parts of a company’s daily operations can be time-consuming or distracting for local members of the team. Some examples of these include customer service, bookkeeping, maintenance work, and network monitoring, among others.

Cloud staffing can help your in-house team stay focused on the important internal tasks of the business. They can finish other non-core parts of the operations, while you focus on the core capabilities of your company.

Reasons why cloud staffing will stay post-pandemic

Build your remote team with Cloudstaff

Cloudstaff Modern Workforce, the company that coined the word ‘cloud staff’ and ‘cloud staffing,’ offers top-notch outsourcing solutions specifically made for SMEs in any country in the world.

With their assistance, you can guarantee that a highly specialized staff who are experts in a wide range of industries can help your company grow into a large corporation while reducing operational costs.

Established in 2005, Cloudstaff currently has over 2,500 employees across six different locations that will support your business in different operational areas.

Visit Cloudstaff’s website now to see their offerings. 

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