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Emerging cloud staffing trends this 2021

Emerging cloud staffing trends this 2021

Cloud staffing has been advancing towards the mainstream business industry since the last decade. Remote work is promoted over different organizations way before stay-at-home orders were issued last year.

With this, companies that provide cloud staffing services are also changing the way they work to adapt quickly to the new technologies and developments. 

After all, being able to follow the latest trends can greatly help outsourcing companies in providing high-quality services and outperforming the competition.

What is cloud staffing?

‘Cloudstaff’ or ‘cloud staffing’ is a name that refers to turn-key offshore teams. It means hiring remote employees at your preferred schedule outside of a traditional office environment.

This method of operation allows companies to work with efficient teams, without getting involved in the logistics of setting up and managing a team and providing the necessary facilities.

The term ‘cloud staffing’ was originally coined by the company Cloudstaff Modern Workforce, which provides world-class outsourcing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses worldwide. 

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Cloudstaff outsourcing connects you with professional, high-quality staff that will help your business grow while reducing costs. They are extremely reliable, fast to deploy, scalable, and could integrate seamlessly into your workforce.

What is cloud staffing?
What is cloud staffing?

The rise of the outsourcing industry during the pandemic

When the pandemic happened, everything changed in an instant. The health sector was shocked, economies were severely affected and various businesses became uncertain of their future. 

Amidst all of these, the outsourcing sector managed to stay mostly unaffected. It became one of the most resilient industries during the worst of the pandemic and is staying at the top to this day. 

Companies that have not considered cloud staffing as a major help to their operations changed their minds due to the pandemic. Since then, they’ve started searching for compatible third-party providers.

On the other hand, employees who were unfortunately laid off turned to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firms for new opportunities. 

Though not a new concept in the business world, cloud staffing had a noticeable rise in its operations last year. With this, the latest technologies emerged and were utilized to ensure the delivery of consistent and efficient service to their new and existing clients.

Top cloud staffing trends this year

Cloud staffing has been a part of the modern business industry for a long time. Various outsourcing trends kept appearing, influencing the way providers expand and manage their services.

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Outsourcing is one of the most flexible industries during the crisis. Just like any sector, it experienced technological developments and advancements that changed the operations of its services for the better. 

Here are the latest cloud staffing trends that are being used this year.

Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO)

As different industries try to adopt advanced technology to their daily process, KPO started playing a significant role in outsourcing services this year.

Knowledge process outsourcing, or KPO, deals with specialized knowledge and problem-solving in your outsourcing needs. It provides highly-skilled, specialized, or technical services at a low cost.

KPO includes services such as financial consultation, research and development, data analysis and interpretation, and technical analysis.

Top cloud staffing trends this year
Top cloud staffing trends this year

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) uses artificial intelligence in assisting businesses. It can also be called intelligent automation or smart process automation.

This allows anyone to create a set of instructions for a robot to perform. RPA bots can then mimic human-computer interactions to carry out a lot of tasks, at a high volume and speed.

Additionally, RPA helps outsourcing companies accomplish multiple and repetitive tasks effectively and accurately. This can also work with human functions that help in increasing an organization’s productivity.

Omnichannel experience

Having an integrated communication strategy across channels is important in providing a seamless service to customers. And that is what an omnichannel experience does. 

Omnichannel aims to improve customer experience by connecting a customer’s journey through various channels of interaction. It helps clients continue their conversations and inquiries, from one platform to another, without going back to zero.

This approach focuses on the quality of service. It brings customer interaction to various channels in the clients’ preferred platform and creates a more seamless customer experience.

Staff upskilling

To be able to respond to the needs of existing and potential clients, the outsourcing industry must keep evolving. With this growth and development come employees with upgraded skills to showcase. 

Because technology is continuously rising, outsourcing professionals must have the ability to work with modern tools in delivering excellent customer assistance. Staff upskilling provides outsourcing teams with the knowledge to elevate their service.

BPO company leaders are upskilling their workforce by providing necessary training in multiple business processes. New channels of customer support—such as social media—and specializations are just some aspects that can become available with the right training. 

Cloud computing

Cloud computing refers to the act of delivering computing services over the Internet instead of physical servers or storage devices. This benefits companies by allowing faster access to resources, increased efficiency, and data security with low operating costs.

With last year’s pandemic, Cloud adoption has accelerated as people mostly utilize the Internet for whatever they need. As cloud services turn mainstream and in-demand, investing in them will benefit different outsourcing providers and BPO companies.

Third-party providers can rent out their IT infrastructure through a pay-per-usage model, giving a more cost-effective option to companies. With this method, organizations can develop a scaled-up operation without investing in expensive equipment.

As of now, we are still not sure what would happen to the business industry post-pandemic. What we are sure of is that these innovative developments would be carried along the years.

These latest trends could help ease the process of communication between the local and remote teams. Through these, cloud staffing becomes one of the practical solutions for businesses to cope with when this health crisis ends.

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