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Been there, Done that by Jeigorgeous

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BPO Offices in Makati

As soon as I turned the page of my life to being an 18 year old single mom, that’s when I started to get into this industry where people wears headphones in front of a computer talking to other nationalities and I don’t have any idea what they are talking about.

I walked around Makati on my heels looking for Company windows that says “we are hiring!”. Whenever I see that sign I see hope, but when I looked down the qualifications I become hopeless if it says “at least 2 yrs completed in college”. That breaks my hear, I’m a single mom and had to stop studying and get my ass off to look for a job. Day by day as I search for a job it’s tiring, really.

Then the day came! I got hired by a fly by night center. We went through training, memorize the city and state of the United States of America. Learn how to pronounce complicated words. I’m wearing now my first headset to take the first ever call I will have for the entirety of my career. (beep) I introduced myself and the company, then we started talking. This woman I am talking to right at that moment is suffering a severe head ache. I got lucky because I am to offer her the refill for her medication every month. The moment she gave me her credit card that counts as my first ever sale in the history. Since it was a fly by night center they had to let go agents, which includes me because we are the new ones.

Got back to looking for a job again, this time is faster then the first job search I did. We’re like a set of people who applied there and since they are really ramping for agents to hire. Yey! I got hired again. Same cycle, Training – Training – Calls. It’s another sale from me! But I figured I got pregnant and the company can’t let me continue because of this. Jobless again.

After giving birth I looked for a job again so I can suffice my child’s needs. I have to bring my breast milk pump to make sure that I feed him the best I can as a baby. I used my breaks and lunch and had to use the disabled person restroom which is by the way the only cubicle who’s always clean. Unfortunately,  another tragedy happen. The account I was handling has to remove the new ones again, guess what? I am one of them. This happened to me three(3) times.

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This is the time that I’ve been part of an account which had more than fifteen(15) years relationship with the BPO Company I joined. I took calls for six(6) months and got promoted to level II customer service. I never thought of me being promoted. After a month I was given the opportunity to be part of training department team. I don’t know if I have talents to speak in front of many people teach them what to do and not to do.  We are dedicated to meet the new hires and share them all our techniques and should I say ninja moves to make sure we pass our metrics. There I started to grow as a Team Lead.

I learned a lot from every agent I handle and it got me thinking that I want to train people someday. Then after few months I went up one(1) level again. I was assigned to handle six or more new hires and monitor them every shift. I enjoyed it and we are always on the top. I was very competitive, I always want my team to get something every week, an award. Best in AHT(average Handling Time), Best in Quality, Best in Punctuality, Best number of Sales and the Best Team every week. Those are the best time of my life being in the BPO Industry. I had to let go of that company due to circumstances. Then I transferred somewhere near my residence. I stayed there for a year and now decided to work at home as Virtual Assistant.

I’ve seen how BPO Industry grows within the country. From trial and error experiment of the clients we get to getting new people to train to make sure we get new set of brain cells. Now the facilities got better, they have the nursing station every floor of the building. The offers are now much better, qualifications got a little lower. They now let high school graduates to apply with or without experience. More Opportunities were given to many Filipino’s who wanted to work. Many Single mom’s were given hope. This is the only industry by far who accepts all genders, preference, with tattoo or none, with piercing or none, fat, slim, sexy, whoever and whatever you are. Any one can join any one can have the hopes of having a job gong home with the job offer you’ve always wanted.

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