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5 Surprising benefits of CAD outsourcing

Five benefits from CAD outsourcing

What is CAD outsourcing?

When it comes to detailed engineering designs, people are no longer sketching technical drawings or mechanical designs manually and that’s all because of computer-aided designs or CAD.

This process has been beneficial for many industrial purposes such as shipbuilding, aerospace industries, and automotive.

Aside from industrial purposes, it can also be used in digital marketing, and this is what makes it in demand today.

You’ll find CAD outsourcing very beneficial if you’re looking for a team of professionals who can handle the job and meet your clients’ demands.

If you’re worried about meeting deadlines, it has become popular to outsource drafting jobs in order to focus on the final revisions of the project and have a third party supplier work on the time-consuming job of drafting.

Outsourcing can deliver jobs faster without compromising the CAD design process of 2D drafting, 3D modeling or drawing. The best part about outsourcing CAD services is that it’s more affordable as compared to hiring an in-house team of designers.

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CAD outsourcing services

There are a lot of design services wherein CAD outsourcing can be applied. Some can range from straightforward CAD drafting all the way to Building Information Management (BIM) services. Some of the more popular sectors where people outsource cad drafting services include:

  1. Architectural services
  2. Structural services
  3. Mechanical engineering
  4. Electrical engineering
  5. Plumbing and piping services
  6. Fire engineering
There are a lot of design services wherein CAD outsourcing can be applied. Some can range from straightforward CAD drafting all the way to Building Information Management (BIM) services.
CAD outsourcing services

Benefits of CAD outsourcing

CAD outsourcing can really change the way your business operates, besides being able to save up to 70% on staffing cost, there are a lot more benefits that outsourcing brings. We list the top five benefits of CAD outsourcing for your business.

Another more universal benefit of general outsourcing is that it allows businesses and companies to “expand” in a sense. The practice of outsourcing opens up new opportunities and chances for organizations to explore foreign markets and the international talent pool.

It also helps them attract better employees and improve their business relationships with customers abroad. Since companies can now reach new locations and an entirely new demographic.

1. Access experienced CAD designers

As you explore further looking for reliable designers who can deliver the job excellently, you’re getting closer to meeting different CAD outsourcing companies in the market. These companies have access to a huge talent pool of qualified and experienced CAD designers.

2. Scalable manpower for any business

Projects will always vary; there are peak seasons, as well as lean ones. It means the demand for designers will also vary. The good thing about outsourcing CAD companies is that you don’t get to fire or hold people temporarily while waiting for new projects. Getting the right number of people you need for a specific project is more convenient and cost-effective.

3. Access to the latest CAD tools and software

Software applications may be intangible, but they can be an expensive investment too, especially CAD tools.

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If you were to build your in-house team for variable projects, investing in it is undoubtedly going to be a big expense for the business. Why not outsource CAD drafting services instead?

Most outsourcing companies already have these tools on hand and would have a team of experts that knows the software inside and out.

4. Flexible staffing schedule

Another good thing about outsourcing CAD design services is that it’s flexible when it comes to the schedule. You’ll never have to worry about running out of available designers to do the job. As you outsource your CAD designers, their schedule is adjustable depending on your needs, regardless if you need two designers or three to work on a project.

5. Cost-efficient CAD design services

Aside from flexible scheduling, outsourced CAD companies will also provide you with very competitive rates for their CAD design services, regardless if your project is big or small.

They can undoubtedly adjust to how you want your project to be. When you need a revision, they can immediately work on it to meet your satisfaction.

Besides being able to save up to 70% on staffing cost, there are a lot more benefits that outsourcing CAD services brings.
Benefits of CAD outsourcing

How to choose the right CAD outsourcing company?

Your first experience with outsourcing can make or break or your business, below is a list of some of the most important factors to consider before engaging with a CAD outsourcing supplier.

  1. Do they have a lot of experience with CAD design services?
  2. Do they offer a competitive rate compared to other outsourcing suppliers?
  3. How often do they train and upskill their employees with regard to the latest CAD design tools and systems?
  4. Do they have real client references for you to review?
  5. Do they have any special offers that they can give to you?
  6. Are they equipped to scale with your business?

If you’re concerned about spending too much on CAD software applications, you should consider outsourcing CAD designers to help you manage your projects. 

Choosing the right CAD outsourcing company can mean less departmental costs, more projects are done in time, and a more productive team. 

That being said, outsourcing doesn’t mean that you have to cut people off your in-house team. If the budget allows, you can set up a hybrid team consisting of onsite and outsourced employees.

Remember that outsourcing—in any way—is a business model. It’s not a cut-and-dry solution for any issues arising inside an organization.

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