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3 Work hacks that you can learn from BPO employees

3 Work hacks that you can learn from BPO employees

Your job is the only aspect in your life that is guaranteed to love you a hundred times more if you pour inoyalty, love and dedication to it.

That is a fact and it is undisputed.

In the Philippines, it is not difficult to find hardworking people.

So, what can set you apart from the sea of hardworking Filipinos?

Great work ethics will always make any employee stand out.

I’ve been working for a BPO Company for a few years now and I have developed most of my best work ethics under the tutelage of our CEOs.

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Working for a BPO is usually seen as a dead end career here in the Philippines.

It’s because people never condone things they do not understand. 

I have worked in corporate offices before and the value for employees are very low.

Training up staff to succeed is never a top priority of management in the corporate world.

In the BPO industry, they understand that the growth of their employees would pave the way to the rise of the business.

3 Work hacks that you can learn from BPO employees

Happy employees always add more value to the company than lifeless robots that respond only when needed. 

Which is why, I’ve met excellent workmates in the BPO industry.

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They perform better because they are treated better.

From my experience, most of the best work traits I’ve seen are often found from outstanding BPO employees. 

And I’ve learned a great deal of lessons around productivity, efficiency and many more from all of them.

Because of that I’d like to share with you these three things that you should understand and incorporate in your work life if you want to be that stand out employee.

1. Think Like A Business Owner

Do you know the difference between a business owner and an employee?


Most employees lack the care and ability to bring value to the business.

Some just merely turn up on time for work, finish their tasks with no questions asked, and then end their day and go home then do it all over again tomorrow.

If you want to stand out, you must think like a business owner.

Developing foresight as an employee will definitely catch your bosses attention.

With this, you don’t only add value to the company but also gain the trust of your superiors. 

In the BPO Industry, we are entrusted to always care for our company on this end of the world so that the company runs smoothly as possible.

Our CEOs depend on us to not only deliver what is asked for but also what is needed. 

Thinking like a business owner is taking ownership of whatever task is given to you.

No matter how little or big, you must always have the foresight to produce what is best for the company you’re working for. 

2. Speak Up and Be Heard.

This might be a bit hard for us Filipinos.

We aren’t taught to talk back or negate our superiors even if they are making the wrong decision. 

It is seen as disrespectful.

But this type of thinking is a roadblock to good communication.

This trait goes hand in hand with thinking like a business owner.

If you know that something is wrong or if there is a detail that has been left out, do not hesitate to speak up.

Speaking doesn’t have to be done in an antagonising way.

Whenever you speak, you have to deliver what you’re doing to say in a constructive way so that you do not offend anyone.

Speaking up does wonders to a team.

It shows that you are paying attention and you are always looking to place your team in a winning position for whatever task given to you.

Speak Up and Be Heard.

Employees in BPO Companies speak up often because they know that good communication is key in getting the job done.

This also saves everyone from a whole lot of hassle because if you speak up when you notice something wrong midway a task, you give others the chance to correct the mistake before getting into bigger trouble when the task is done. 

Communication must be a two way street that each side, Management and Staff, should  take to ensure that not one detail is missed.

3. Work Around Your Weaknesses.   

Everyone has weaknesses.

It is up to you to work around your weaknesses and not let it keep you from performing your best as an employee.

Frontline Accounting’s CEO has made a video that helps you work around his weakness. 

You can watch it here. (Please like, share, and subscribe too.)

Just shows that even our bosses have their own struggles but they don’t it define them. 

Because you can always build a system that would make sure that you don’t cave in to your weakness.

For example, if you are bad with detail, you can try to slow down and focus on checking your task tons of times before finalising it.

You can also have someone else good with details, to help and double check your work. 

You can also find tools, applications or gadgets, that would make your weakness look like a strength.

Like, for example, f you are forgetful, you should always have a pen and paper ready for you and make a calendar and clock alarm your best friend.

Technology is the best friend of every BPO employee.

We utilise apps and softwares like Calendly, Google Suites, Xero and the like to make sure we are on top of every task we have — may it be fixing schedules, drafting documents, bookkeeping, payroll etc.

So distance, culture, training or whatever weakness some may see BPOs have, we got it covered. 

What I’ve mentioned are just a few of the good work ethics that you can learn from BPO Employees.

I hope, from these, you have found a way to not only work hard but better by being a better version of yourself as an employee. 

Turning a good job to the best job is up to you.

Put in the work and sport the right attitude, you’ll be rewarded beyond your expectation.

If you want to receive the best you must be at your best.

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