25 Types of data entry processes for running a successful business

Information is a vital asset in all industries. Hence, the rise of data entry services is one of the most useful and highly in-demand process in business firms and organizations.

It is dynamic in terms of being able to give the needs of almost any company from different industries.

That is why it is also one of the fastest growing businesses in the world.

What is Data Entry?

Data entry, simply defined, is entering a specific type of information into a preferred or desired format or software.

This work is done by expert data entry operators who have complete knowledge and experience regarding data entry, and understanding of the industry because most companies that outsource data entry work are from medical, financial, retail, legal, insurance and media industry.


It is usually outsourced by companies to free their employees from hours of repetitive and tedious work and have them focus on more important tasks and be even more productive.

Data Entry specialists

Since there is a wide range of data entry services for different industries, Data Entry Specialists also differ in skills. Some could have the simplest job requirement of having good reading and writing skills in English, and then a 20 to 30 words per minute (WPM) typing speed.

Some also undergo trainings and years of experience, to acquire technical skills and faster typing speed.

Here are the types of Data Entry services that can help your business grow even faster.

Manual Data entry



Converting manually created documents into a digital platform is called Manual Data Entry. This is the most basic and most common kind of data entry job.

  1. Plain Data Entry

This involves simply reading a PDF document and typing it into a Word document.

  1. Word Processor or Typist

This requires skills such as letter, chart, graph and table creation, and mailing labels and reports. Since these are more on the technical side, most data entry specialists had undergone training to acquire the needed skills.

  1. Cleaning of Data

Data Entry Specialists can also detect then remove or correct erroneous data from a database such as from a Word file or an Excel spreadsheet.

  1. Other Basic Typing Jobs

Other basic typing jobs would require less technical skill requirement. This could be

filling out Excel spreadsheet cells with data.

Online Data entry


Any data entry wherein the resource file is in a soft copy format or done through online portals or website is under Online Data Entry.

  1. Online Form Filling

Online Form Filling requires tedious work as some would either be given a huge data and enter it in an online form. Sometimes, information is not given at all and the Data Entry Specialist would have to find it, usually through surfing the internet.

  1. Online Survey

Online Survey Jobs are used by companies to get feedback for a particular product to help them improve or design the best products for their consumers.

  1. Online Data Capturing Job (Data Capturing and Entering)

This is capturing data from various internet publications such as e-magazines and eBooks and other form of online content.

  1. Email Processing

Email processing is simply processing emails, going through thousands of email in a day, reading, understanding the content and making a list or categorizing it in an Excel spreadsheet.

  1. Updating Database

These databases could be Names, Phone numbers, email IDs, addresses, etc., for various industries.

Data Entry Specialist can help in updating existing records or create new ones online.

Micro jobs


Micro Jobs are mostly new compared to other data entry jobs mentioned earlier.

10. Captcha Entry

Those entitled to this entry job can solve hundreds of captchas a day.

Captchas are images containing texts, number or alphanumeric data used to fill in a field.

11. Copy & Paste

It is basically copying data from one file and pasting it to a word document or excel spreadsheet.

Typing speed isn’t a requirement but since reading a lot before copying and pasting, hence knowledge of English is important.

12. Captioning

Captioning is mostly needed by media industry like news channels. This is a rare job to find since writing headings and captions for a news headline or an image is more advance, it would require experience in writing and knowledge in the media industry.

Data formatting


Although Data Formatting requires less typing task it is still considered as a data entry job. Formatting jobs are more about knowledge of English and grammar.

13. Re-Formatting and Correction

Knowing every rule in formatting a word document such as aligning paragraphs, indentions and fonts is the skill needed for this job and also Formatting a long form with Names, Email ID, Phone No., etc.

14. Formatting and Editing

Correcting spelling mistakes and grammatical errors is the main task for this job, that’s why it would need to take great knowledge in English, and also, editing skills to reformat an entire document.

Converting files


This type of data entry service involves converting images or audio files into a Word document.

15. Image to Text Data Entry

Most Image to Text Data Entry jobs are from the Healthcare industry, meaning it includes difficult medical terminology that people rarely encounter. It usually comes in a form of screenshot containing written paragraphs to be written down on a Word document.

16. Audio to Text

Listening to an audio file and reproducing it into a text format require advance or a higher level of understanding of the English language to understand every single word.



Transcribing is a difficult form of data entry job. The task of a transcriptionist is to type data while listening to a recorded and transcribe the data into required reports and documents.

Good sense of grammar and good typing speed is crucial for this job.

Transcriptionists are in demand in medical firms, legal firms, etc. This position requires a formal training in transcription and years of experience as well.

17. Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionists are the most common.

Familiarity with advanced medical terminology is a must as well as great listening and shorthand writing skills.

Medical Transcriptionist job is highly paid among all other forms of data entry jobs

18. Medical Coding

Medical coding is a rare job. This is transforming healthcare diagnosis, procedures, medical services into alphanumeric codes.

Data Entry keyer


A Data Entry Keyer doesn’t require a formal training as the employer provide constant instruction. The task of a Data Entry Keyer is to entering data from licenses, cheques, etc. into a computer software. After entering the data, it is checked for mistakes or missing data.

Data Entry Keyer jobs are mainly done offline rather than online.

19. Product Catalog Data Entry

Some companies need to keep a record of the details of their products. The products along with their specifications are listed in a format.

20. Payroll Data Entry Operator

Payroll Data Entry Services help some companies recheck and record their accounting work in a systematic manner.

It helps get all accounts cleared and ordered in any desired format.

21. Entering Data into Web Based System

In this data entry job, reading documents usually pertaining to legal departments or insurance claims and writing it down into a word document or an excel spreadsheet is done.

It could also be for automobile registration number, owner’s name, contact details etc.

Data entry clerks


Data Entry Clerk have similar job as to Data Entry Keyer. They also enter information into a database fast and accurately. Ability to identify minor discrepancies is also a requirement.

22. Hospitals

The task is entering details like patient notes, hospital records, accident reports, etc. into an Excel spreadsheet or particular software present on the LAN.

23. Municipal

The task is to enter municipal records details like birth records, legal documents, town records etc.

Writing jobs


Writing jobs is entirely advance from the usual data entry because you can’t type blindly.

24. Content Writing

Content Writing is writing article of various lengths and submitting it to the blogger or site owner.

25. Proofreading & Copywriting

Proofreading is correcting grammatical errors and format while Copywriting is creating content for an ad.

Data Entry has been long outsourced by various industries, helping them hasten work and increase productivity of their employees.

Data Entry has a long way to go and is surely to remain because it is able to cope with changes and provide the demands of any industry.

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