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Software developer


What is a software developer?

Software developers are usually part of the software program development team. They may work on different projects in regard to creating applications to make a workflow more efficient.

While they are less formal than software engineers, they work hand in hand with them, often helping one another with code writing. 

They are almost always seen driving the software development life cycle forward with their expertise and knowledge. Software developers have to wear different hats depending on the job, often shifting from one role to another.

In this line of work, software devs are considered the backbone of each and every project. Without them, programmers and designers would have a hard time following a very rigid timeline.

Contrary to popular belief, they are creative too—in a sense that they help shape and mold these apps that we use every day. From the browser you’re reading this on to the music app you have open in the background, a software dev helped roll those out to the public.

While they often need to be left alone and undisturbed, software devs need to work with their team too. They need to help out not only with new projects but in addressing software problems such as performance issues, glitches, and bugs.

The scope of work that software devs is broad—from creating an app’s framework to maintaining and “cleaning” codes of already existing software, they will be involved in it one way or another.

What is a software developer?

Self-employed developers and the traditional work culture

Self-employment is a big hit amongst those who are in the tech industry. They can work anywhere as long as they’re connected to the internet and have the proper devices.

That being said, traditional work culture is always where we all start, be it as a developer or not. So the question lingers: what makes developers more inclined to work remotely than to stay in the office?

Is it the convenience of working in comfy clothes? Perhaps it’s the balance between work and life, as remote work is more flexible for most of us.

This is not to say that employers should abandon the traditional work culture. Instead, developers, programmers, and tech-related positions are well-made for remote working.

Software developer salary

Contrary to popular belief, software developers don’t make millions of dollars every year. Some might do, especially if they’re involved in a major project in a big industry.

For an average developer, their monthly or annual salary is often on par with those who work in tech companies, rendering 9-to-5 jobs. However, freelancers and self-employed individuals have the potential to earn more, given their circumstances.

Most of us know that freelancers or remote workers don’t need to commute and shell out a budget for transportation and/or gas.

Software developer salary: US vs PH

According to Payscale, software devs working and/or living in the Philippines are getting paid more than the national average. This phenomenon leads many college students to take the route of becoming software developers after completing their degrees.

Annual software developer salary
Junior developerMid developerSenior developer
United StatesUS$62,379US$92,124US$111,003







These figures, especially the PHP to USD rate, are highly subjective to the exchange rate that often fluctuates.

As the table shows, junior devs from the US get US$62,379 annually, while their counterparts in the Philippines only get ₱347,933 or US$6,936.46, despite having the same years of experience.

The US-based mid-level devs, which are people with around four to five years of experience, get US$92,124 a year. On the other hand, PH-based devs get ₱660,000 or US$13,157.89.

Senior developers, people who have at least eight years of experience in the field get paid the highest as expected. US-based software devs get around US$111,003 a year while their PH counterparts only get ₱1,056,000 (around US$21,052.63).

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