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Company Culture


What is company culture?

Company culture refers to workers’ attitudes and behaviors within a company. It shows how employees communicate with one another, the beliefs they possess, and the decisions they make.

Company culture also means shared values, qualities, and features. It is how employees feel about their jobs, the values they consider important, how they see the company going and what they’re doing to get there.

What is company culture

Importance of company culture

Hiring managers entice qualified applicants and attract top talent by developing a positive company culture. A company’s culture is characterized by its beliefs, principles, attitudes, and goals. It is essential to get it right because it is an extension of your organization’s personality.

Company culture increases employee engagement

According to Forbes, companies with winning organizational cultures have 72% higher employee engagement ratings compared to organizations with weak cultures. Employee involvement is the extent to which workers are enthusiastic about, motivated, and related to their job and business.

Company culture is a reflection of your company’s core values

How you operate, handle workflow, connect as a team, and treat your customers all contribute to an environment that should reflect who you are as an entity and how you think a company should be operating. Ultimately, the company’s culture is the sum of its values in motion.

Company culture impacts employee retention

Employees who feel that they are part of a team are more willing to stay with your business. In reality, that is what the majority of job applicants look for in a business. Creating a winning company culture that aligns with your core values and purpose will keep your workers engaged.

Company culture increases employee productivity

Your company’s culture has a lot to do with staff retention and engagement. It helps you balance your employees’ individual needs while remaining aligned with your organization’s goals. Employees will thank you for it by increasing efficiency and success.

How does company culture work?

People are more likely to stay in workplace environments that respect their values and personal career.

A company’s culture can be intentionally cultivated, or it can simply be the product of a series of decisions taken over time. Employees who work in an organization with a good culture understand the anticipated results and attitudes and behave accordingly.

Consistently reinforcing workplace values and norms – along with careful assessment of leaders and employees – can help preserve your company’s culture.

A great company culture benefits:

  • The organization’s identity
  • Retention of employees
  • Image of the company

Promoting culture for recruitment means defining elements of the company’s culture that sets it apart from others. In essence, you must define the company’s distinct values, behaviors, and activities.

Some organizations have a team-based culture that values employee engagement at all levels, while others have a culture that values formal, conventional, or centralized management.

How does company culture work

How to assess other company cultures?

A healthy company culture fosters a sense of well-being. Just like in the finance or sales process, it is essential to evaluate your company culture. 

Here are various areas you can check to learn more about your company’s culture.

Explore your company’s “About Us” page

It usually provides a statement about the organization’s mission and principles. Some business websites also have employee testimonials, which can be a great way to learn about their company culture.

Evaluate your company’s online reviews

You can check your company’s recruitment profile to review employee feedback. You can ask to set up insightful interviews with your employees to learn more about the company’s unique culture.

Reward workers who perform well and adds value to the organization

Personalize this part of the business culture. Take into consideration each employee’s personal preferences, lifestyle, and hobbies when deciding how to incentivize them.

Ask to shadow an employee for a day or a few hours

This will be an excellent opportunity to experience organizational dynamics in motion and through the eyes of your employees. 

How to determine your company culture?

To use culture for recruitment, you must first recognize elements of your company’s culture that sets it apart from others. In essence, you must determine the company’s distinct values, behaviors, and activities by:

  • Examining mission and vision statements, shareholder reports, and marketing materials that reflect the company’s sense of self.
  • Conducting a poll or survey. However, note that surveys are time-consuming and often struggle to genuinely capture the unique facets of the work environment.
  • Inquiring about the work climate from a diverse range of workers and leaders. Request short phrases to describe the company’s background, explain why they like the company, and items that frustrate them.

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