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Global Payments Process Centre Inc.


About Global Payments Process Centre Inc.

“Everyone wants their business to prosper and grow. If you have such a vision for your company, then Global Payments Process Centre Inc. is your one stop solution. This company has the customer needs as their driving force. Global Payments is the company that you would resort to if you want innovative solutions for your business. With over 8,500 employees and a foothold over 2.5 million merchant locations in thirty countries, Global Payments is a leading company that has processed around eleven billion transactions and settled a volume of around $550 billion. Its headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia USA.

Services Offered:

The major service that Global Payments provides to its customers is payment technology. Based on the needs of customers across the globe, they innovate their technology to suit their needs. One such innovation is OpenEdge that helps in processing payments. This technology also ensures that all data and information related to the card is secured well. The company’s omnichannel payment support helps the clients by providing them with a variety of payment methods that suit their need. They can also track their payments in one source. All this is done through a holistic infrastructure support.


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