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Erni Development Center Phils., Inc.


About Erni Development Center Phils., Inc.

“ERNI was founded in 1994 as a software consulting company in Switzerland. Today they are also present in Spain, Germany, Romania, Slovakia, Singapore and the Philippines.

Apart from consulting, they also offer training, software engineering and project management services to their clients.

ERNI develops custom software for their clients, who may not have enough trained manpower on board for the purpose. Embedded systems software is one of ERNI’s specialties. Apart from that, ERNI also develops mobile apps for companies to ride the technology wave that is sweeping the world over. This is how ERNI helps its clients retain existing customers and acquire new ones. Web technologies are another strong area of ERNI. They are capable of building web portals that can be accessed by millions of users, each of whom can view his/her private data.

They have a team of 500 employees across the world that make all these possible.

ERNI serves clients in the Transport, Insurance, Financial Services, Medical Technology, and Public Services sectors.

In the Philippines, they are located at Mandaluyong City. To consistently deliver on the highest levels of quality, they hire only the best. This is also what helps them deliver on time as well.


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