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UST Global Inc.


About UST Global Inc.

“When it comes to providing end-to-end IT services for the Global 1000 companies, no one comes even close to UST Global Inc. Their business pivots around a client-centric Global Engagement Model which combines a multitude of factors and lends to its vast and unbeatable success. Their vision also revolves around this approach and so does the way they serve their clients, which is without a doubt the best in the industry. They are dedicated to a long term client success and don’t believe in short term gains.

They essentially aim to provide optimal services and solutions to help create a culture of efficiency across industries. They have a five part plan for maximizing efficiency of – THINK, PLAN, BUILD, VERIFY, RUN. This simplified but brilliant plan has helped many enterprises optimise their performance and achieve their maximum potential. They have a myriad of services in almost every conceivable field. These services include technology build services, application managed services, infrastructure managed services, QA and Testing services, Business Process Outsourcing, Mobility, smarter cities, Engineering services, and the list goes on. UST Global Inc. has earned a reputation for their excellence and the quality of services they provide.


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