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Animation Vertigo Asia, Inc.


About Animation Vertigo Asia, Inc.

Animation Vertigo is a leading service provider when it comes to capturing motion pictures and animation. This company was set up in the year 2004 in Calif. Over the years this company has set a very high reputation for itself by providing animation and motion picture solutions that are beyond expectations. It clients pertaining to the video game and film arena along with television clients have been very happy with Animation Vertigo. Its CEO Marla Rausch, who is born and brought up in Philippines wanted to expose the artists of her country to the whole new world of 3D animations. This led to the birth of Animation Vertigo Asia, Inc.

The reasons why clients opt for Animation Vertigo are:

It has proven its mettle over the years by giving the best solutions to its clients.

It the quality and speedy delivery make them very reliable.

Animation Vertigo help their clients to understand their business, thereby helping them to grow faster.

The main service that this company provides is recording motion pictures. The editors of Animation Vertigo have a record of tracking 32 character hours of data in a month. Apart from this they are skilled in putting together best animations for their clients

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