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Axiem Corporation


About Axiem Corporation

“Axiem is a business process outsourcing (BPO) firm that was established by Maryann. It comprises a highly skilled workforce with extensive experience working in the BPO industry.

The BPO services offered by Axiem Corporation allow business to keep the focus on key business goals. When companies outsource their back office operations to Axiem, they end up saving time and also gain efficiency in operations.

Axiem Corporation provides a range of different offshore services such as call center, IT services, data entry and accounting. Its services are available to multiple industries including communications, government, financial services, manufacturing and production, freight forwarding, transportation, technology and retail.

Axiem offers a unique service called ‘offshore outsourcing’. Typically, offshoring is considered to be offshore outsourcing. But Axiem works a little differently. With Axiem, the relocated workforce of a company in the Philippines continues to be controlled by the core management. This means that the company exercises complete control over its offshore staff members and directs them as per its staffing requirements.

Axiem claims to increase the savings of a company by nearly 80 percent with no compromise on the quality of services delivered. This means that there is a reduction in overhead expenses and boost in productivity.

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