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How to hire customer experience specialists

In a world where customer satisfaction can make or break a company, hiring customer experience specialists has become a strategic plan. 

These professionals are the architects of exceptional customer journeys, ensuring every interaction with your brand is satisfactory. 

In the 458th episode of the Outsource Accelerator Podcast. Rain Abueg, one of the co-founders of iCXeed, discusses the philosophy of the best customer experience.

What is a customer experience specialist?

Customer experience specialists are the unsung heroes behind every successful company. 

These specialists play an important role in shaping how customers perceive a brand, and their work directly impacts a company’s bottom line. 

As a customer experience specialist, Rain shares its passion and mission in iCXeed.

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“Our mission is to understand customer needs and enhance their experience. We use technology fused with human talent to redefine how things are done for customers.” 

What is a customer experience specialist
What is a customer experience specialist?

The role of customer experience specialists

A customer experience specialist’s responsibilities encompass various activities to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Here’s an overview of the key aspects of their role:

Understanding customer needs

Customer experience specialists are like detectives – but they uncover customer preferences and pain points instead of solving crimes. 

Rain explains their beliefs in iCXeed about understanding customers. 

“We believe that because we’re in the front line, and we deal with the issues day in and day out, there’s no better person to understand the pain points of what customers go through than the people on the phones, chats, and emails. 

They’re the first ones to know when something is wrong, when an issue has become repetitive, and when it’s become frustrating.”

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Designing customer journeys

Imagine your customer’s interaction with your brand as a journey. Customer experience specialists are the architects of this journey. 

The specialists craft seamless and enjoyable experiences that guide customers from first contact to purchase. It ensures that every touchpoint leaves a positive impression.

Implementing customer-centric strategies

Customer-centricity is the name of the game in today’s business world. These specialists develop strategies that put the customer at the center of every decision. 

 Rain explains their philosophy: “We don’t just follow a checklist and a tick box of things that need to be done as an outsourcer.” 

Instead, they focus on deeply understanding the customer’s perspective and how the business supports that from behind the scenes.

Training and development

Customer experience specialists undergo continuous training and development to excel in their roles. Specialists stay updated on industry trends, customer behavior, and emerging technologies. 

Rain states, “We examine areas where we have control, such as handling, training, and other concerns. On the client’s side, they also explore potential actions they can take.”

Training and development
The role of customer experience specialists

How to hire and train customer experience specialists

Hiring and training customer experience specialists is crucial for businesses looking to provide exceptional service and build strong customer relationships.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to hire and train customer experience specialists:

Define the role

Before hiring, you must define what you’re looking for in a customer experience specialist. 

Clearly outline their responsibilities, skills, and qualifications. It will serve as a guide throughout the hiring process.

Create a job description

Craft a compelling job description that highlights the requirements of the role. Emphasize the impact a customer experience specialist can have on your company. 

Tip: Use language that resonates with potential candidates.


Now comes the search for the right talent. Utilize various recruitment channels, such as job boards, social media, and employee referrals. 

Cast a wide net to attract candidates who are passionate about customer experience.

Interview process

During interviews, assess candidates not only for their skills but also for their empathy and communication abilities. 

Ask situational questions to gauge how they would handle real-life customer scenarios.

Background checks

Ensure that you conduct thorough background checks to verify the information candidates provide. This step is crucial in maintaining the integrity of your team.

Training and onboarding

Once you’ve found the perfect candidate, invest in their training and onboarding. Familiarize them with your company culture, values, and processes. 

Provide comprehensive training to equip them for success.

Shadowing and mentorship

Pair new hires with experienced customer experience specialists for mentorship and shadowing. This hands-on approach helps them learn the ropes quickly and effectively.

How to hire and train customer experience specialists
How to hire and train customer experience specialists

Feedback and performance evaluation

Establish a system for providing feedback and evaluating performance regularly. Constructive feedback helps specialists continually improve their skills.

Recognition and rewards

Recognize and reward outstanding performance. Acknowledging and appreciating their efforts boosts morale and motivation.

Employee support

Create a supportive environment where specialists can voice their concerns and ideas. Their insights are invaluable for making improvements in customer experience.

Understand and recognize the role of customer experience specialists

Hiring customer experience specialists is not just a business strategy; it’s a commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences. 

By understanding their role, recognizing the benefits, and following a meticulous hiring and training process, you can elevate your company’s customer-centricity to new heights.

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