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About OA and The Source

Outsource Accelerator is the world’s leading marketplace and advisory for outsourcing. The site lists over 2,300+ outsourcing companies that cater to small-medium businesses as well as enterprises.

The Source is the main resource hub containing information about all things Business Process Outsourcing. It lists over 15,000 pages of content – including white papers, articles, guides, news, videos, and the Outsource Accelerator Podcast.

Guest Post Guidelines (Articles)

Outsource Accelerator accepts guest posts related but not limited to outsourcing, remote teams, and business management. To qualify, interested parties should follow the guidelines listed below.

  • Articles should be written in a professional tone.
    The target audiences of the website are business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and C-suite levels of different businesses who want to learn more about outsourcing, so formality is critical in writing.
  • Articles should be of good great quality.
    • Be educational and informative, backed with extensive research if possible
    • Be consistent in tone, written in standard English, and with proper grammar and punctuation
    • Have sufficient length, with a word count of at least 1,000 words
    • Value-bomb for our audience
    • We only accept links to articles relevant to the topic. Self-promotional posts are strictly prohibited. OA’s standard policy is for all links to be nofollow.
    • Since this should be an educational article, visuals should be minimal, relevant, and appealing to the readers. We don’t recommend using stock photos or images without cited sources. Instead, contributors may use screenshots or go to Canva or Unsplash for free photos to use.
    • Note that we do not accept heavily AI-generated submissions.
  • Submissions must be original and should not be published on any other online platform
    Outsource Accelerator values the copyright and intellectual property of other websites and institutions and prefers fresh content to post. Articles from another website and plagiarized content will not be accepted, as well as topics already covered on the website.
  • Articles should be submitted in recommended formats.
    Contributors may submit the article in .doc format or via Google Docs link. When submitting via Google Docs, kindly make sure that the “Allow editing” permission is enabled.
  • We reserve the right to edit and modify the articles.
    If the submitted article doesn’t follow our guidelines, we have the right to reject the submission and inform the contributor about it. OA also reserves the right to modify submissions to better fit the website’s guidelines.
  • Estimated time.
    Kindly allow us around two to three weeks to process the articles. We will notify the contributors within the given timeframe. However, due to the volume of submissions that we receive daily, we will only reach out to successful submissions.
Source Partner contributed content supported*

Our OA Source Partners can submit previously published (repurposed) articles to help populate the article section on their company page. For these re-purposed articles, we add the original article as a canonical link to avoid being flagged for plagiarism.

*Note that this is only applicable to active members of our Source Partner Program. To learn more about Source Partner, click here or email [email protected]

Guest Post Guidelines (News & Press Releases)

  • Press releases should be newsworthy.
    Submissions should be newsworthy and relevant to outsourcing, remote teams, or business management. They should cover late-breaking outsourcing news, trends, analysis, profiles, or Q&As. They can also announce a new product/service, partnership, award, milestone, etc. The stories should not be older than two weeks, but exemptions may be given to newsworthy topics that have not been reported yet.
  • Submissions should follow the standard press release format.
    The text should be at least 300 words, written in standard English, and preferably written in AP Style in the standard press release format, including headlines, dateline, body copy, boilerplate, and contact info. Quotes or statements from company executives, representatives, and other subject matter experts are also recommended.
  • Press releases must be factual, objective, and not too promotional.
    The tone of the press release should be journalistic and unbiased, even if the contributor is a partner. Technical terms and jargon should be explained or laymanized as much as possible for the benefit of our readers. Backlinks are nofollow.
  • Press releases should be accompanied by other relevant elements.
    Submissions should include relevant images/logos, captions, embedded media if possible, and link/s, if any.
    • For optimal display on our site, images and videos should have a resolution of 1280x720 pixels.
    • Images and videos should be high quality, clear, and relevant to the content.
    • Videos should be 1-3 minutes long for best engagement.
    • Videos should not contain promotional offers, calls to action, or contact info. Company logos are permitted.
    • Whenever possible, submit original images and videos you have the rights to use.
    • Cite image and/or video sources when applicable.
    • Provide image captions and alt text descriptions for accessibility.
    • Accepted image formats: JPEG, PNG
    • We do not upload videos to our site, but you can provide an external link, preferably from YouTube, that can be embedded in your press releases.
  • Press releases should be submitted in recommended text formats.
    Submissions should be sent in Word doc, Google Docs link, or pasted into email text.
  • Estimated time for approval.
    Allow 1-2 weeks for review. All press releases are subject to OA editorial approval before publishing. If the submitted press release doesn’t follow our guidelines, we have the right to reject it and inform the contributor. Successful submissions may be edited and published on the site.
Source Partner contributed press releases supported*

Our OA Source Partners can submit press releases to be edited and published as news articles on our news hub. The published news articles also include paragraphs identifying them as OA Source Partners.

*Note that this is only applicable to active members of our Source Partner Program. To learn more about Source Partner, click here or email [email protected]

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