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NGA Human Resources Philippines


About NGA Human Resources Philippines

“NGA Human Resources aims to make HR work better and helps organizations with digital HR services, maintain the master payroll, ensure compliance, unlock workflow data and deliver best in class HR services. The combination of expertise in HR and advanced technology along with industry leading standards of delivery give NGA HR a distinct advantage over their competition. Choosing NGA HR can be very beneficial for your business because of their employee engagement. They are a leading company and help in the evolution of HR services and their years of experience helps them to be a trustworthy and productive company.

Services Provided

NGA HR has various services that can range from sort term management of a single HR process or can also maintain the whole employee lifecycle whether it is in a single country or around the world.

These services include NGA cleaHRsky which is the first truly integrated HR-as-a-service solution in the industry. HR outsourcing can help the company administer their global workforce and overcome problems such as administrative overload. Payroll management is NGA’s number one expertise and they can provide this service on a local as well as global scale using the NGA Regional Payroll or the Global Payroll service.


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