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Convergys Philippines Services


About Convergys Philippines Services

Convergys is a leading global firm specializing in customer service outsourcing. It combines analytics, operational excellence and innovation to provide a great experience to customers and businesses. It offers it services to a range of different industries including retail, automotive, insurance, healthcare, communications, technology, hospitality and others.

With its customer care services, Convergys helps businesses offer a multi-channel, personalized experience which meets their business and customer care goals while also reducing service cost. The firm combines its extensive experience with advanced analytics, integrated technology and international outsourcing for designing, unifying and optimizing customer care experiences.

Convergys specializes in transforming information into intelligence which can be used for building connections and optimizing results for each interaction. It recognizes customers who have a tendency to falter and targets them with personalized interactions in order to promote retention.

Convergys claims to offer multi-tiered technical assistance that provides excellent personalized service to both new users as well as IT professionals and engineers. Convergys makes use of comprehensive analytics for indentifying inefficient areas and adopts best practices to improve operations and processes. The company also specializes in the deployment of innovative technology for automating simple transactions.


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